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    19 Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Recipes That Make Holiday Cooking A Breeze

    Set it, forget it, eat turkey.

    1. Stuffing

    Spend With Pennies / Via

    It isn't Thanksgiving dinner without stuffing. Just put sautéed celery, onions, bread cubes, and chicken broth and wait for your perfectly moist stuffing to cook itself. Get the recipe for slow cooker stuffing here.

    2. Green Bean Casserole

    The Diary of a House Wife / Via

    Made with just three ingredients ⁠— green beans, cream of mushroom soup, fried onions, plus some seasonings ⁠— this veggie side couldn't be easier or more affordable to whip up. Get the recipe for slow cooker green bean casserole here.

    3. Apple Crisp

    Kristine's Kitchen Blog / Via

    Are you afraid of baking? If so, put your slow cooker up to the work. This apple crisp is impossible to mess up, and you don't even need to turn on the oven. Get the recipe for slow cooker apple crisp here.

    4. Cranberry Orange Meatballs

    Mom On Time Out / Via

    These festive meatballs make for the perfect party app. Serve them in puff pastry dough or on toothpicks. Get the recipe for slow cooker cranberry orange meatballs here.

    5. Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

    Best Recipe Picks / Via

    Maple syrup and balsamic vinegar are the perfect contrast of sweet and savory. Get the recipe for slow cooker balsamic Brussels sprouts here.

    6. Au Gratin Potatoes

    Julie's Eats and Treats / Via

    Tired of plain old mashed potatoes on your holiday table? Spice things up with this cheesy, au gratin version. Get the recipe for slow cooker au gratin potatoes here.

    7. Tuscan Pumpkin Soup

    Read Food Whole Life / Via, Real Food Whole Life / Via

    Made with pumpkin puree, tomato sauce, onion, vegetable stock, and spices, this seasonal soup is the perfect way to start your meal. You'll be putting this recipe in your dinner rotation all winter. Get the recipe for Tuscan pumpkin soup here.

    8. Corn Casserole

    Mom Endeavors / Via

    Start with canned cream corn and sweet corn, then add corn muffin mix, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and butter. In about two hours you'll have creamy, light-as-air corn casserole you can eat with dinner or for dessert. Get the recipe for slow cooker corn casserole here.

    9. Turkey With No-Fuss Gravy

    Mel's Kitchen Cafe / Via

    Instead of an entire turkey, opt for a bone-in turkey breast. When you're done with the slow cooker, transfer the liquid from the turkey into a sauce pan and simmer it. Voilà: Perfect gravy. Get the recipe for slow cooker turkey with no fuss gravy here.

    10. Macaroni and Cheese

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    Mac this creamy mac 'n' cheese on Thanksgiving day...or any day. It's irresistibly decadent. Get the recipe for slow cooker macaroni and cheese here.

    11. Mashed Potatoes

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    The unsung hero of your Thanksgiving dinner, the mashed potatoes are a total crowd pleaser. Make a big batch, because this creamy side dish goes quickly. Get the recipe for slow cooker mashed potatoes here.

    12. Cranberry Turkey Breast

    Together As Family / Via

    This no-mess, low-effort turkey breast is the key to easy Thanksgiving entertaining. Start with boneless turkey breast and put it in the slow cooker with salt, pepper, cranberry sauce, onion soup mix, and orange juice. Five hours later, you'll have a moist, flavorful turkey breast. Get the recipe for slow cooker cranberry turkey breast here.

    13. Sweet Potato Casserole

    Kristine's Kitchen Blog / Via

    There's nothing better than vegetables that taste like dessert, and this delicious sweet potato casserole topped with pecans is no exception. Get the recipe for sweet potato casserole here.

    14. Fried Apples

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    Serve these syrup-y cinnamon-y apples with vanilla ice cream for a foolproof dessert your guests will devour by the spoonful. Get the recipe for slow cooker fried apples here.

    15. Spinach Artichoke Dip

    Taste and Tell Blog / Via

    Nothing brings the table together like a good party dip. Put this spinach artichoke appetizer out as your guests arrive so they have something to nibble on while you finish the cooking. Get the recipe for slow cooker spinach artichoke dip here.

    Sweet Peas and Saffron / Via

    If you can express the taste of fall with one single dish, this vegetable medley might be it. Get the recipe for slow cooker Brussels sprouts with cranberries, pecans, and butternut squash here.

    17. Butternut Squash Soup

    Pumps and Iron / Via

    Toss all of the ingredients into the slow cooker for three hours and wait. When the vegetables are soft and cooked through, transfer the ingredients to a blender until it reaches your desired soup consistency. Top the bowls with anything from sliced apples and goat cheese to parmesan and croutons. Get the recipe for slow cooker butternut squash soup here.

    18. White Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

    Who Needs A Cape / Via, Who Needs a Cape / Via

    Say bye to pie because this year, slow cooker cake is all the rage. Just combine all the ingredients in an electric mixture, then transfer them to the slow cooker and wait for dessert. Get the recipe for slow cooker white chocolate pumpkin cake here.

    19. Cinnamon Roll Casserole

    Eating on a Dime / Via

    Eat it for dessert and save the leftovers for breakfast. Get the recipe for slow cooker cinnamon bun casserole here.