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    15 Travelers Reveal Their Best Tip For Vacationing On A Budget

    See the world without spending a fortune.

    If we had it our way, we'd spend our whole life traveling. But unfortunately, those vacations can cost a pretty penny.

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    So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their best tips for traveling on a budget. Here are some of their best responses.

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    1. Make your first stop the local grocery store.

    2. Consider renting an apartment instead of a hotel room.

    3. Seek out restaurants in areas where there are colleges and universities.

    4. Sign up for a service that tracks cheap flights for you.

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    "I paid $30 to sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights and have never regretted it. You input your home airports and you receive notifications with relevant flight deals. You can find cheap flights on your own, but I found it worth the $30 to have deals sent right to my inbox." — samanthap416591137

    You can also sign up for Google Flight alerts to keep you up to date on amazing deals.

    5. Use free podcasts to guide you through museums.

    6. Take advantage of travel-friendly credit cards.

    7. Buy a public transportation pass.

    8. And a museum pass.

    9. Plan your museum visits strategically.

    10. Say yes to street food.

    11. And avoid credit cards with foreign transaction fees.

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    "If you're using a credit card while traveling, all those international transaction fees — usually around 3% — can really add up. Opt for a card that don't charge a fee." — Popalinga

    12. Ask locals for restaurant recommendations

    13. Walk as much as possible, then rely on public transportation.

    14. Take a free walking tour.

    15. Buy a local SIM card if you plan on using your phone abroad.

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    "Before you travel, unlock your phone, then when you get to your destination buy a local SIM card. Most providers have a prepay option so you can load up with data. It winds up being so much cheaper than buying an international plan." — ktannee

    Do you have a budget travel tip we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below!

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