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    13 Home Cooking Goals I Accomplished In 2020 That I'll Keep Up In The New Year

    Looking back on 2020, I spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen.

    In 2020, I found myself cooking way more often than usual. Not only that, but my time spent in the kitchen became like a form of therapy. The simple act of slicing vegetables or kneading bread relaxed and soothed me during a stressful year. And looking back on the past year, I actually grew as a home cook. Here are some of the accomplishments I'm especially proud of that I'll carry with me into the new year.

    1. I started observing meatless Monday, and I've kept it up for four months.

    2. I conquered my fear of cooking seafood.

    3. I learned how to bake, and I baked often.

    4. I cooked dinner for a whole family....for months and months.

    5. I cooked with my mom all the time.

    My mom in the kitchen wearing a funny and suggestive apron.

    6. I made more of an effort to buy produce from local farm stands and farmer's markets.

    7. I realized it's more than OK to take shortcuts in the kitchen.

    Homemade butter shrimp with frozen naan on a plate.

    8. I learned how to use a grill!

    A grilled lobster tail on a plate with a tomato and burrata salad.

    9. I made copycat versions of my favorite restaurant dishes.

    10. I bought an air fryer, and it became my favorite appliance.

    11. I started growing herbs in my own kitchen.

    12. I embraced the recipes passed down by generations in my family.

    A big pot of matzo ball soup.

    13. I learned how to appreciate the little things, like a meal at home surrounded by family.

    An antipasto platter.