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    People Are Sharing Popular And Beloved Food Combinations That They Actually Find Totally Gross

    "On their own, they're delicious. Put together, they become a textural nightmare."

    There are some food pairings that are so prevalent, it's hard to think of one without the other. Think: grilled cheese and tomato soup — or a burger and fries. But some food combinations just aren't for everyone. So, redditor u/RhymeGrime asked, "What are two foods that 'go together' but not for you?" Here's how people responded.

    1. "Sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Not for me. I really don't understand how people eat sweet potatoes in any recipe that isn't savory."

    Close up of sweet potatoes with cinnamon and marshmallows.

    2. "Chocolate and mint. I used to cry when I was little if I took a bite of chocolate and discovered there was mint hidden under there."

    A close-up of a chocolate covered pretzel with peppermint.

    3. "Cottage cheese and fruit. I love both of these ingredients separately, but together, they just taste weird and yucky."

    Cottage cheese with berries.

    4. "Cereal and milk. The way you're left with warm milk with soggy crumbs in it tastes so gross. Milk is not supposed to be that texture, nor is it supposed to taste like wheat and sugar. I am out on cereal milk."

    A bowl of cereal and milk.

    5. "Soda and ice cream. Most people love an ice cream float, but the combination of dairy and soda just tastes icky to me."

    Ice cream and soda

    6. "Strawberry and balsamic. I get why people enjoy this combination, but it isn't for me."

    Strawberries covered in balsamic

    7. "Chocolate and peanut butter. I am aware that this is a super controversial opinion, but I just find both of these ingredients to be very heavy flavors that are too much together. I realize this is an extreme minority opinion."

    Peanut butter and chocolate

    8. "Ketchup and fries. If a French fry has come into contact with ketchup, that fry is dead to me."

    French fries topped with ketchup.

    9. "Chocolate and orange. I love them both separately, but absolutely hate the combination."

    Chocolate dipped oranges.

    10. "Avocado and toast. The toast makes the avocado warm, which is a major no-go for me."

    Close up of sliced avocado on toasted bread.

    11. "Mac 'n' cheese and ketchup. I thought my brother was the only disturbed one out there who ate this monstrosity, but it turns out there are others, and this is actually a popular culinary preference."

    Macaroni and cheese with ketchup and fork

    12. "Fruit in savory foods — such as grapes in chicken salad or dried cranberries in tuna salad. Get it out of there!"

    Curried spiced chicken salad with dried apricots and grapes.

    13. "Beef and bourbon. I love them both, but I've never had a dish made with a bourbon glaze or sauce that didn't totally ruin the beef for me."

    Saucy beef over potatoes.

    14. "Apple pie with cheddar cheese. I love both separately, but I have tried them together and am not a fan. I made apple pie recently and was absolutely baffled when someone asked if I could put cheese on it when I served it to them."

    A slice of apple pie with cheddar cheese.

    15. "Lamb chops and mint jelly. Why, why, why would you choose to ruin such a delicious cut of meat with mint jelly??"

    Rack of lamb with mint jelly.

    16. "Prosciutto and cantaloupe. I just don’t understand why they’re supposed to taste good together."

    Sliced cantaloupe with prosciutto.

    17. "Cookies and milk — if you're dunking the cookies. Between getting crumbs in the milk and ending up with a soggy cookie, both are textural nightmares to me."

    Dunking a cookie into milk.

    18. "Maple and bacon. I cannot get behind bacon being used for sweet treats like donuts and such."

    Maple and bacon donut with caramel drizzle.

    19. "Raisins in oatmeal cookies. Raisins are wrinkly, tiny, creepy things. There's no worse feeling than accidentally eating an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it's a chocolate chip cookie."

    A close-up of an oatmeal raisin cookie.

    20. "Avocado and eggs. I love both on their own, but texturally, these ingredients together do not work for me."

    Scrambled eggs and avocado.

    21. "Ketchup and fried chicken. I was shocked the first time I ordered fried chicken and the server asked me if I'd like ketchup. My dipping sauce for fried chicken will always be gravy."

    Dipping fried chicken in ketchup.

    22. "Chocolate and fruit is pretty much a no-go for me. Even the classic pairing of chocolate and strawberries isn’t anything to write home about. In most scenarios, the strawberries are just mediocre."

    Chocolate covered pineapple rings.

    23. "Peanut butter and jelly. I never liked it as a kid and felt like a weirdo because of it. I would always request peanut butter and honey instead."

    Peanut butter and jelly on toast.

    24. "Salads containing fruit in them. Whether it's apples, mandarin oranges, or grapes, please keep the fruit out of my vegetable-based salad."

    A salad with sliced pears.

    25. "Pickles on burgers. I love burgers. I love pickles. But man, I hate pickles on top of burgers."

    A cheeseburger

    26. "Celery and peanut butter. The only thing worse is when people add raisins to this atrocity."

    Ants on a log

    What's a popular food combination that you really don't understand the appeal of? Tell us in the comments.