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    23 People Who Basically Deserve Michelin Stars For Their Creative Cooking Genius

    All I know is that I'm really hungry now.

    You can have a full culinary school education or the skills of a seasoned at-home chef, but some people are just born legends in the kitchen. Here are some people whose cooking creativity knows no bounds.

    1. This person who should truly earn a Michelin star for his taco discovery.

    A hard shell taco over a soft shell taco

    2. And this one who found a genius way to make every bite of lasagna extra crispy.

    Pizza in a pan so all sides get crispy

    3. And this one, who learned how to take the term "one-pot meal" to the next level.

    Broccoli steaming over a pot of pasta

    4. This fella who knows a thing or two about maximizing surface area (and getting the most amount of pizza from it).

    Four halves of frozen pizza on a sheet pan

    5. This person who turned his bathtub into a sushi bar.

    A sushi bar in the bathtub

    6. This trailblazer who came up with possibly the greatest food mashup on the planet.

    Hot dog pizzas

    7. And this one who truly understands the definition of a balanced diet.

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Life cereal together in one bowl

    8. And this guy, who put an empty wheel of Parmesan into an epic pasta bowl.

    A wheel of Parmesan with pasta

    9. And this pure genius who made cupcakes from cornbread, mashed potatoes, and fried chicken.

    Corn bread topped with mashed potatoes and fried chicken

    10. This person who ran out of hot dog buns but worked with what was available...a baked potato.

    A hot dog in a baked potato bun

    11. This true trailblazer who used instant ramen seasoning packets to give microwave popcorn a serious kick.

    Popcorn topped with ramen seasoning

    12. This visionary who realized that beneath every jar of Aldi pasta sauce, there's a measuring cup.

    A jar of pasta sauce with a measuring cup under the label.

    13. And this one who decided to wrap a pickle in melted cheese.

    A cheesy pickle wrap in a pan

    14. This genius who thought to reheat leftover pepperoni pizza in a waffle iron.

    A piece of pizza in a waffle iron

    15. And this one who discovered the proper way to eat Oreos.

    Mini Oreo cereal

    16. This guy who understands the proper cheese to pasta ratio.

    A plate of spaghetti with a ton of Parmesan cheese

    17. And this one who knows a thing or two about charcuterie.

    A Bugel chip stuffed with prosciutto.

    18. This crafty dude who was craving fish and chips and had to get a little creative.

    A piece of smoked salmon with potato chips

    19. And this one, who proves that fruit salad is a really loose term.

    Different gummy bears in a bowl

    20. This king of comfort food who understands that two types of mac 'n' cheese are better than one.

    Mac 'n' cheese shells stuffed with mac 'n' cheese

    21. This hard core snacker who discovered the sweet and savory food to rule them all.

    A bowl of popcorn with ice cream toppings

    22. This brilliant mind who turned chicken nuggets into a legendary spread.

    A charcuterie board with chicken nuggets and different sauces

    23. And finally, this savant who knows that "dinner" is just a label.

    Fast-food-shaped gummies