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    The Most Iconic Dishes From Every State, According To People Who Live There

    Who's hungry??

    Every state is home to some iconic dishes. So Redditor u/emilou09 asked, "I’m cooking one meal from every state in the United States. What meal best represents your state?" Here were some of the responses!

    1. Maryland: "Maryland-style crab cakes, and the only recipe you need is the one on the Old Bay can."

    Two crab cakes with tartar sauce and coleslaw.
    Getty Images

    "Save the red and green bell peppers and other ingredients for touristy restaurants around the country." β€”u/Charmedagnosti8

    2. Iowa: "Huge fried pork tenderloin on a regular bun, scotchaeroos for dessert."

    Fried pork tenderloin sandwich with lettuce and tomtato.
    Getty Images


    3. Oregon: "Anything with Marionberries!"

    A baked marionberry pie.
    Getty Images


    "For dessert marionberry pie and vanilla Tillamook ice cream." β€”u/Corr521

    4. North Carolina: "Pulled pork sandwich with a vinegar based sauce. Be sure to have some hushpuppies and coleslaw on the side!"

    A pulled pork sandwich with slaw and sides of potato salad and mac 'n' cheese.
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    "Coleslaw on the sandwich, hush puppies and choice of side: green beans, potato salad, boiled potatoes, mac and cheese, baked beans, cabbage, or fried okra." β€”u/your_moms_a_clone

    5. Rhode Island: "Clear clam chowder, clam cakes, and a Narragansett beer."

    A bowl of New England clam chowder with crackers.
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    "Clam cakes and chowder are a good idea but you definitely need hot wieners. And you need to wash it down with some coffee milk!" β€”u/flargflarg

    6. Texas: "Brisket or the whole BBQ set up with all the fixings."

    Brisket with sausage, baked beans, pickles, onions, bun, and sauerkraut.
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    "Smoked brisket with white bread, white onion, and pickled jalapeΓ±os. And spicy bbq sauce for the love of god." β€”u/_scentipede

    7. Hawaii: "Pan fried slices of spam, two scoops of white, steamed rice, and scrambled eggs."

    Fried spam, rice, eggs, and vegetables.

    8. Washington, D.C.: "Half smoke sausage topped with mustard, onions, chili, and cheese (both shredded and melted)."

    A hot dog topped with chili, cheese, and onions.
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    "D.C has to include mumbo sauce." β€”u/Ptryingtri

    9. Georgia: "Pecan pie, and biscuits and gravy."

    Two biscuits topped with gravy.
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    "Pecan pie, peach cobbler, shrimp and grits, and Brunswick stew." β€”u/sundial11sxm

    10. Nebraska: "A 'salad' made from Cool Whip, marshmallows, walnuts, and a packet of Jello."

    Jell-O and Coop Whip salad with fruit and walnuts.
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    11. Indiana: "Sugar cream pie. That's about as Indiana as it gets for me."

    A slice of sugar cream pie.
    Getty Images


    12. Oklahoma: "Chicken fried steak."

    Country fried steak with gravy and mashed potatoes.
    Getty Images


    13. Utah: "Funeral potatoes are cooked by many people here, Mormon or not."

    Funeral potato casserole
    Getty Images

    "Or anything with Fry Sauce, a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, as we are proud of our 'invention' of that." β€”u/Nickolaix

    14. Alabama: "Smoked chicken with white sauce."

    Chicken wings with white sauce on the side.
    Getty Images

    15. Michigan: "Pasties, smoked fish, coney dogs, Detroit-style pizza."

    Someone helping himself to a slice of cheesy Detroit-style, square pizza.
    Getty Images


    "Don’t forget the pΔ…czki for dessert!" β€”u/whale-farts

    16. Nevada: "Shrimp cocktail and prime rib."

    A shrimp cocktail
    Getty Images


    17. South Carolina: "She crab soup, shrimp 'n' grits, hash and rice, hoppin' John, collards, frogmore stew."

    A bowl of shrimp and creamy grits.
    Getty Images


    18. Missouri: "BBQ burnt ends are a Kansas City classic."

    A BBQ burnt ends sandwich.
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    "Or toasted raviolis from St. Louis." β€”u/Gorkymalorki

    19. Minnesota: "Tater tot hotdish."

    A tater tot casserole.
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    "Don’t forget the stack of dinner rolls to make tater tot hotdish sandwiches." β€”u/NerdyMusician404

    20. Wisconsin: "Beer brats with fried onions and sauerkraut options) and sweet corn on the grill."

    A bratwurst on a roll with relish and bacon.
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    "A close second would have to be a Friday Fish Fry." β€”u/fewer16

    21. Pennsylvania: "West side is pierogis, kielbasa, sauerkraut. East side is cheesesteak, big soft pretzel, and water ice."

    A Philly cheesesteak
    Getty Images


    "As an alternative to cheesesteaks (and possibly more iconically 'Philly') is the pork and broccoli rabe sandwich." β€”u/adamantpony

    22. North Dakota: "Fry bread taco or knoephla soup; lefse for dessert."

    Fry bread taco with salsa, cheese, lettuce, and more.
    Getty Images

    23. Wyomming: "Bison or elk Burgers with your favorite fixings like sweet barbecue sauce and onion rings."

    A burger with a side of onion rings.
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    "Or Rocky Mountain oysters, but they're a little difficult to find." β€”u/Choledocholoco

    24. Kentucky: "Either a hot brown or burgoo."

    A Kentucky hot brown topped with bacon.
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    "Derby pie for dessert." β€”u/capnobvious314

    "My vote is bourbon." β€”u/awcran2

    25. South Dakota: "Definitely chislic."

    Cubed beef in a cast iron skillet.
    Getty Images


    26. Tennessee: "Memphis BBQ and Nashville hot chicken. It's all gotta be in the form of a meat and three.

    Spicy Nashville hot chicken on bread topped with a pickle
    Getty Images

    27. Kansas: "Chili and cinnamon rolls."

    A bowl of chili and sweet cinnamon rolls.
    Getty Images


    "Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes covered in white gravy." β€”u/shs0007

    28. Delaware: "Scrapple, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a toasted pretzel bun."

    Fried egg sandwich on pretzel bun.
    Getty Images

    29. Idaho: "Elk steak with huckleberry compote, sautΓ©d morel mushrooms, and roasted potatoes."

    A slice of huckleberry pie.
    Getty Images


    "Idaho is finger steaks with fry sauce." β€”u/Seventh7Sun

    "And huckleberry something for dessert, either huckleberry ice cream or a huckleberry crumble." β€”u/36monsters

    30. Louisianna: "Gumbo or jambalaya."

    A skillet of jambalaya.
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    31. New Jersey: "Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a bagel with salt, pepper, and ketchup."

    A pork roll breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese.
    Getty Images


    "To me, there's nothing more New Jersey than 'Italian Ristorante' food: fried calamari, eggplant rollatini, penne alla vodka." β€”u/hulagirl4737

    32. Florida: "Cuban sandwich"

    A cuban sandwich topped with pickles.
    Getty Images


    "Publix subs." β€”u/kaysixwhy

    "And key lime pie for dessert." β€”u/nofeelingsnoceilings

    33. Vermont: "Apple grilled cheese, and it must be Cabot cheddar. Or maple syrup on pancakes. Also Ben & Jerry's for dessert."

    A gooey grilled cheese sandwich with apple and bacon.
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    34. Montana: "Huckleberry (NOT blueberry) cobbler."

    Huckleberry cobbler.
    Getty Images

    35. Washington: "Cedar-plank teriyaki salmon. And as a Seattle fella, I identify with blackberry pie. Those bushes are everywhere."

    Two pieces of salmon on a wooden plank.
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    "Also Dungeness crab" β€”u/theyshootcanoes

    36. Mississippi: Chicken and dumplings, corn bread, black eyed peas, and fried catfish."

    Creamy chicken and dumplings soup.
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    37. Massachusetts: "Traditional baked beans and lobsta rolls."

    Two lobster rolls with a bit of mayo on toasted buns
    Getty Images

    "And for Pete’s sake, nothing fancy on the lobsta roll! Just lobster with a touch of mayonnaise, on a split top, buttered-on-the-outside, toasted hot dog roll." β€”u/real_live_mermaid

    38. West Virginia: "Pepperoni rolls as a starter, country fried steak and green beans with sweet tea or beer."

    Sliced pepperoni rolls with marinara dipping sauce
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    39. New York: "It's a big state. To cover all your bases take a scoop of a garbage plate, cover it with buffalo sauce, and dump it on a bagel."

    Sausage, egg and cheese on a roll.
    Getty Images


    "Bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll from a bodega." β€”u/melaniepaqui

    40. Alaska: "Grilled salmon (wild, NOT farmed or 'Atlantic.') You can make salmon chowder, smoked salmon, salmon dip, or salmon cakes."

    Smoked salmon
    Getty Images


    41. New Hampshire: "Blueberry pancakes with fresh local maple syrup, then some poutine which we've stolen from our friends up North."

    A stack of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup
    Getty Images


    42. Colorado: "Green chili cheese fries."

    A burrito covered in green chile sauce.
    Getty Images


    "Green chili on a smothered burrito or scrambled eggs. Although it is a topping for just about anything really." β€”u/malerif

    43. Maine: "Whoopie pies."

    A whole steamed lobster with corn on the cob.
    Getty Images

    "Not a lobster roll, a lobster BOIL is the way to go for savory." β€”u/Kreos642

    "Also red hotdogs, bean suppah, and wash it all down with a Moxie." β€”u/aridl

    44. Virginia: "Salty ham for the mountainous regions. The ham has to be dry and salty so it's shelf stable, then it's used in biscuits or green beans."

    Country ham on a biscuit.
    Getty Images

    "For the coastal part of Virginia, it's Chesapeake Bay oyster dishes like oyster stuffing." β€”u/HELP_MANBABIESGOTME

    45. Connecticut: "New Haven-style clam pizza and lobster rolls."

    New Haven style clam pizza.
    Getty Images


    46. Illinois: "The obvious ones are deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs, but there's also Italian beef sandwiches (bonus points for a 'dipped' roll), tamales, pierogies, tavern-style pizza, and chicken vesuvio."

    Serving a slice of cheesy, deep dish pizza.
    Getty Images


    47. Arizona: "Carne asada tacos and nopales."

    Getty Images

    "Prickly pear jam or jelly is also pretty unique." β€”u/Diveit81

    "Sonoran hot dogs." β€”u/Jedward1231

    48. Ohio: "Cincinnati-style chili placed on a hot dog or spaghetti, then topped with cheese!"

    Cincinnati chili over spaghetti.
    Getty Images


    "To me, Ohio food means kielbasi, sauerkraut, and pierogies." β€”u/StacyChadBecky

    "With buckeyes for dessert!" β€”uherdboutpluto

    49. California: "The true authentic California meal is In-N-Out at midnight."

    An In-N-Out burger and soda.
    Getty Images


    "Street tacos with freshly made, soft corn tortillas." β€”u/Lucifer-Prime

    "California burrito." β€”u/holdmydicks

    "Avocado on everything." β€”u/tweedstorm

    50. New Mexico: "Green chile stew with sopaipillas or a green chile cheeseburger."

    Getty Images


    51. Arkansas: "Chocolate gravy and biscuits! Cheese dip, crawfish boil, chicken n dumplings, fried catfish, fried fruit pies."

    Cheese dip with tortillas chips.
    Getty Images

    Is there an iconic food from your home state that wasn't mentioned? Tell us in the comments below.