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People Are Sharing Insider Secrets About The Industries They Work In, And Some Are Seriously Juicy

"You all deserve to know this."

Do you ever wonder what really goes on behind closed doors in different industries? Well, redditor u/WoOoOoOoShHhHh asked, "What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?" Here are the responses, which make you see a lot of things differently.

1. "As a Subway worker, I'm only supposed to put six olives on your Footlong."

2. "The repairman who shows up at your house to fix something is usually the one deciding how much to charge you."

"Being nice to him can save you a lot of money." —u/coolreg214

3. "Kirkland products (the Costco brand) are independently tested to beat the industry-leading product in that category, whether it's razor blades or laundry pods."

4. "I was a funeral home worker for five years. The price of caskets are hugely marked up, but it is illegal for a funeral home to not let you source your own casket. Shop your options."


5. "Your hotel room most likely isn't as clean as you think it is."

A seemingly clean hotel room

6. "I used to work on commercial radio. It's never caller #5 who wins. It's the caller who sounds best on air."


7. "On a menu, it’s often cheaper to choose an existing item (like a meat lover's pizza) and then swap out all the toppings than to go with the 'create your own' option."

A pizza hut menu.

8. "I worked in menswear, and our tailor shops are filled with suits that were made years ago and never picked up."

"Most often the customers died, or the suits were tailored for weddings that were canceled." —u/V1P3R_101

9. "When you ask a grocery store worker to check the back for an item, 99% of the time they just walk away, stand for a few moments, and come back."

10. "At Goodwill, half of what you donate ends up in the trash. Either we don't have space or don't think it's worth keeping."


"At Goodwill, we don't clean anything that we sell. Next time you buy something, wash it well." u/HellfireOrpheusTod

11. "I'm a restaurant server, and no matter how much we insist it's OK that you are keeping the entire restaurant open after we've closed, we are 100% lying."

12. "I worked at a fast-food place, and I can say for sure that neither our ice machine nor ice bins were ever cleaned."


13. "There is way more butter than you think in almost every dish you eat at restaurants."

14. "Firefighters are trained in several areas so most of the emergencies we get called into are situations we have never been trained on."

"That being said, with four of us on a truck, we can usually figure out a solution." —u/roofshepard791

15. "I work in HR, and if you put the key words from the job listing in your résumé, you’ll almost be qualified. We search for those words instead of reading an entire résumé."

16. "I work for a web design agency. We charge anywhere from $5,000 to $200,000 for web projects, but we outsource 90% of those projects to India for $200."


17. "I’m a fossil replicator. So many people are blown away to learn that most fossils they see in museums are just replicas."

18. "I'm a preschool teacher, and you should know your children tell us nearly everything about what goes on in your home."


19. "Former Dunkin' employee here. We don't check the survey codes at the bottom of your receipt. Any random five digits in the space and you get a free donut with your purchase."

20. "A lot of librarians will waive your fines (even large ones) if you have an excuse and you don’t ask too frequently."


21. "I worked with a milk bottling plant and found out they were putting the exact same milk in both organic and non-organic cartons."

22. "I work in aviation. TSA is tested by 'red teams,' which basically try to get things past security. Their success rate is in the 90% range."


23. "Customer service also have mute buttons, and they use it to laugh at you or call you names while you're complaining."

24. "Everything at the Container Store exists and is cheaper at Lowe’s."


25. "I work at a hospital, and our emergency room has an EMT lounge with free slushies, sodas, and snack food."

26. "I work in medical devices. The numbers are all made up. Whatever it should cost, add two zeros, and now you know what the list price is."

"Cut 40% off that, and that's what a big hospital pays." —u/persondude27

27. "I work at a car dealership. When you sell a used car to us, we give you a low and unfair offer. Then we turn around and re-sell it for a lot more."

28. "Hospitals and doctors office bills in the US can be negotiated, and many will offer large discounts if you pay at the time of service."

"Once the insurance gets billed, though, there is much less room for negotiation." —u/deleted

29. "Gym membership contracts mean nothing. Cancel your credit card or change it to a Visa gift card with no balance, and ride off into the sunset."

30. "Book hotel rooms directly. I'll give you whatever you want if it's available. If you use Expedia or third-party websites, you'll get the worst available room and no upgrade."


"Hotel front desk agents often have carte blanche access to change rates, room types, etc., as long as you book directly. Oftentimes we just upgrade guests that we like." —u/MomDidntLoveMe

31. "The cocktail you just ordered at the bar might cover the cost of the entire bottle or liquor we used to make it."

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