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    People Are Sharing The Commonly Liked Foods They Find Disgusting, And I Am Appalled

    "I hate bananas so much you might call it a phobia."

    A while back, we shared some very unusual food opinions from people on Reddit, and there were definitely some hot takes.


    Well, I rounded up even more of these from the BuzzFeed Community, and people did not hold back about their controversial feelings toward popular foods. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. "Tomato soup. It’s just pasta sauce missing the pasta."

    A bowl of tomato soup with basil.
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    2. "Bacon. I just can’t get over the smell. I really don’t get how most people love it so much."

    Bacon cooking in a frying pan.
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    3. Raw tomatoes

    A halved raw cherry tomato.
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    "People just bite into them like an apple-and I just can’t. The texture and taste is awful." —aprilc19

    4. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise in a bowl.
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    "I can't even stand to touch it. I hate when I'm making sandwiches for other people and it gets on me. Cant stand the flavor or texture."— hannahcma1

    5. "Watermelon. It's the worst of all the fruits."

    Sliced watermelon.
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    6. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    Mint chocolate ice cream in a cup.
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    "Why is it even a flavor? Just let take take a Snicker's bar and dunk it in listerine. I can get behind almost every other ice cream flavor, but not this one." —cute_as_ducks419

    7. Lemonade

    A glass of lemonade with mint.
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    "It’s so acidic and sweet and it makes my teeth hurt. It always leaves a phlegmy feeling in my mouth and throat for hours after I drink it."—Katt Delorean

    8. "Ranch dressing. As a Midwesterner, this is almost a cardinal sin, but just the smell makes me gag."

    A cup of ranch dressing.
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    9. American Cheese

    Burger patties topped with American cheese.
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    "Even as a kid, I couldn't stand the texture. If I get a fast food burger and they accidentally put cheese on it, I will throw it out. I love most other cheeses, but I just can't eat American." —kellyf40349806e

    10. Onions

    A woman chopping red onion.
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    "They are the most disgusting things Mother Earth has given mankind and I do not understand how anyone could eat them." —emilys139

    11. Cauliflower

    Cauliflower florets and a cauliflower pizza crust.
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    "People try to make it into rice and pizza crust but it's still just brocolli's ugly sister." —c47a3ff6ce

    "There is absolutely no way to make that crap edible. And no, it's not pizza crust, rice, or mashed potatoes." —leslie318

    12. Bananas

    Slicing bananas.
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    "The texture, the smell, the feel....that weird string you sometimes find on them. Just no." —carlyleeper

    "Bananas. I hate them so much it might even be called a a phobia. I get anxious around then. I hate the smell, the hard exterior, the mushy stringy interior. I feel sick writing about them." —Amanda Lee B

    13. "Celery. It's disgusting even with peanut butter or ranch slathered on it."

    Celery with peanut butter and raisins.
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    14. "Mushrooms. They're a fungus. Barf!"

    Stirring mushrooms in a sauté pan.
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    "It’s the one food I really can’t eat. Even cream of mushroom soup. It all tastes like rotting trash mixed with feet and it has the texture of slimy rotten meat." —moonjock

    15. "Milk. It's literally cow juice that smells like socks it makes me feel sick."

    Pouring milk into a glass.
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    16. Sushi

    Someone holding a piece of sushi between chopsticks.
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    "The taste of seaweed, raw fish, and flavorless rice...ugh.  Every time I hang out with my friends they always want to eat sushi and I just sit there while everyone else digs in." —chanl

    "I've tried it so many times and still can't like it. It's a combo of raw fish, awful texture and no flavor unless you dip it in soy sauce...which I don't like either." —gabriell49958bb89

    17. Eggs and Egg Yolks

    A handful of raw egg yolks in a bowl.
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    "I just can't stomach runny yolk." —lakeshaetienne

    "I hate eggs but the yolks specifically. I can't even be in the same room as someone eating one." —ninjacat57

    "I can only eat eggs if they are baked into something like cake. On their own, I hate the texture of eggs no matter how they are cooked." —ashleyh4d33da7db

    "I hate eggs and anything with eggs in it (mayonnaise, hollandaise, etc...). It’s an issue when ever I go out to eat." —TonyGS

    18. Maple Syrup

    Pouring syrup onto pancakes.
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    "It's sticky and it gets in your hair and on the table and you can’t escape it. It makes me gag and it has such a strong smell." —FugateRN

    19. "Fish. The texture, taste, and everything is gross."

    A whole roasted fish on a plate.
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    "I wish I liked it because it's healthy and it sometimes looks delicious but one smell of it and nope nope nope." —catnelsonl

    20. White Gravy

    Biscuits and gravy.
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    "It seems like everyone loves biscuits and gravy but it looks and smells like vomit on a biscuit." —c47a3ff6ce

    21. Chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream

    A slice of chocolate cake.
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    "I’m good with real chocolate but cake and ice cream are so overrated. They don't even taste like chocolate." —nataliac4501b40af

    22. "Soup. It’s just chunks of foods floating around in warm salty meat water."

    A bowl of lentil soup.
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    —Katt Delorean

    "I hate soup in general. It’s weird and watery and everything in it is mushy and tastes the same." —lizziew46c0f0925

    23. Pickles. They're slimy and then crunchy, and that's just the worst texture in the world."

    Thinly sliced pickles.
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    "They're an abomination of a good cucumber." —Jenisist

    24. "Hot dogs. Can’t do it, won’t do it."

    Hot dogs cooking on the grill.
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    25. "Ice cream. I feel such pressure to eat it quickly before it melts. I don’t need this kind of stress when I eat."

    Someone holding a melting ice cream cone.
    Eric Raptosh Photography / Getty Images/Tetra images RF

    26. "Peas. Please tell me why fried rice comes with peas? I spend half my meal taking the damned things out."

    A skillet of fried rice with peas and carrots.
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    27. "Chocolate covered fruit. No thanks."

    Chocolate covered orange slices.
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    28. Cilantro

    A bowl of guacamole with cilantro.
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    "Most of my friends describe it as a 'refreshing herb with citrus notes,' whereas I'd say it tastes spoiled and rancid. It ruins everything. —cobrakaineverdies

    Do you have an unpopular opinion about a commonly loved food? Tell us in the comments below.