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    People Are Sharing Their Most Controversial Cooking Opinions, And They Made Me Feel So Impassioned I Added Some Too

    Where do you stand on these contended issues?

    We're all only human, and we each have lots of opinions and preferences about everything, including some controversial ones. So naturally, when redditor u/neekeeneekee asked, "What is your most controversial cooking opinion?" the comments took off like wildfire. Here are some of the responses.

    1. "Let's call it what it is. Meal prepping is just eating leftovers all week."

    Chicken teriyaki meal prep lunch box containers with broccoli, rice and carrots.
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    2. "Cold pizza is superior to hot flavor, and I enjoy it much more. When it's cold, you can taste the flavors so much better."

    A slice of leftover pizza
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    3. "MSG really works. It's what makes Doritos and other salty snacks so tasty. Most people who claim to be 'sensitive' to MSG will readily admit they eat snacks like these all the time without any issues."

    A bag of party mix
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    4. "As a lifelong carnivore, I will admit that tofu is absolutely delicious when cooked properly. I would even go so far as to say I prefer it in certain dishes over animal protein."

    Broccoli and tofu with rice.
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    5. "Boneless chicken breasts are garbage. Bone-in thighs are so far superior it's not even funny. They are so much tastier and more moist. I don't understand for the life of me why people are so obsessed with chicken breast."

    Crispy baked chicken thighs in a creamy spinach artichoke heart sauce.
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    6. "There's no such thing as 'breakfast food' or 'dinner food.' You can eat a steak in the morning and fry an egg for dinner. It's all food, so enjoy it however and whenever what you want."

    Two fried eggs in a pan.
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    7. "If a dish does not otherwise require that you use your hands, there should be no tails on shrimp. I don't want to be fishing around in my pasta because you couldn't be bothered to remove the tails first."

    A plate of shrimp pad Thai.
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    8. "You can dislike a food simply for its texture, even if it has nothing to do with the taste. I don’t mind the taste of baked beans, but I hate how slimy they are. And don’t even get me started on the horror of cold baked beans."

    Baked beans on toast.
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    9. "Today's popular cream cheese-based Crock Pot dinners are the modern equivalent of Jell-O based dinners from the '50s."

    Tuscan Chicken in a Creamy Parmesan Sauce with Spinach and Sun Dried Tomatoes
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    10. "Mashed potatoes are the worst way to make potatoes. I want crispy, textured potatoes, not a plate of slimy mush."

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    11. "Add a dollop of sour cream, not milk, to your mac 'n' cheese. It's a game changer."

    Creamy mac 'n' cheese in a bowl.
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    12. "Food lasts way longer than most people think it does, and expiration dates should be taken with a grain of salt. Unless it's poultry, food lasts for a while. Spaghetti, chili, soup...that stuff can be eaten for about a week after it's cooked. Just because the expiration date has passed doesn't mean those ingredients are automatically garbage. Just be safe and careful about it."

    A gallon of milk with an expiration date.
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    13. "Cheese belongs on pretty much everything, including seafood. Whoever said not to mix seafood and cheese has clearly never tried Parmesan-crusted scallops, lobster mac 'n' cheese, or shrimp Parmesan, just for starters. Totally delightful."

    Lobster mac 'n' cheese.
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    14. "Forget what the recipe says: You measure garlic with your heart, and the heart always says to add more."

    Peeling a clove of garlic.
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    15. "If you find yourself in a pinch, you can substitute plain yogurt for all sorts of liquids, from milk to broth."

    Butter chicken in a pan
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    16. "Mile-high burgers and hot dogs with lots of toppings are a cop-out. Not only are they a pain to eat, but the toppings make it so that you can no longer taste the meat itself. If I'm eating a burger, I'd actually like to taste the patty."

    A hamburger with lots of toppings.
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    17. "Some foods (like corn or hot dogs on the grill, for example) taste better when they're slightly burnt."

    A charred corn on the cob.
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    18. "I am vegetarian, but I think most restaurants should stop offering vegetarian dishes if they can't be bothered to make something that actually tastes good. No restaurant should be allowed to put kale, quinoa, and a random vegetable topped with vinaigrette in a bowl and charge $25 for it."

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    19. "Red onions should really be called purple onions."

    A red onion sliced.
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    20. "Presentation of food hardly matters to me. I've had many delicious scoops of slop. It tastes just as good as the most artfully plated dish."

    A sloppy Joe sandwich and fries.
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    21. "Avocado does not belong on everything. My personal pet peeve is avocado on hot dishes. Hot avocado is straight-up gross."

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    22. "Pepperoni should not be simply put on pizza. It needs a little time in a pan or in the oven to crisp up first. Once the crispiness is optimized, it should be placed on pizza."

    A piece of pepperoni pizza.
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    23. "Truffle-infused olive oil is blasphemous, lowbrow, and overused."

    French fries with truffle oil on the side.
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    24. "Recipes are only opinions. As the chef, you should feel free to mix things up as you see fit. Most members of my household go bazerk when I say this."

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    25. "You can teach yourself to tolerate and even like certain foods. I forced myself to eat peas enough until one day I discovered I actually do like them. Same with stinky cheese, Scotch, and wasabi."

    Plates of pot roast with vegetables.
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    26. "Peanut butter actually tastes delicious on hamburgers. Try it for yourself."

    A hamburger with peanut butter and cheese.
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    27. "Lasagna tastes better the day after it's reheated in a microwave. Lasagna fresh from the oven just doesn't hold a handle."

    Leftover lasagna in a baking dish.
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    28. "As an Italian, I get a lot of hate for this, but I believe it’s OK to break spaghetti in half...especially if you’re cooking it for kids who need to take smaller bites."

    Uncooked spaghetti noodles.
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    29. "Eggs of any kind should be served and enjoyed with ketchup 100% of the time, no exceptions."

    An omelet with ketchup.
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    30. "Pepper doesn't belong on everything. It doesn't enhance flavor like salt does. It just makes food taste peppery."

    Cacio e pepe
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    31. "There's no one right way to eat steak. People will tell you that eating a steak any way but rare is 'wrong.' IMO, it's tied to masculinity, as if eating a well-done steak is somehow unmanly. You know the the true 'proper' way to eat a steak? Whichever way you think tastes best."

    Slicing rare steak.
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    32. "The second you add marshmallows to candied sweet potato or yams, you've completely ruined the dish."

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    33. "Walnuts have no place in brownies or any baked goods. Come at me."

    Walnut brownies.
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    Do you have an unpopular or controversial food opinion you'd like to announce to the world? Let it fly in the comments below.