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    People From All Over The World Are Sharing The One Dish You Must Try From Their Home Country, And I'm Drooling

    Your foodie bucket list starts here.

    Food is more than just sustenance. Every dish tells a story about different cultures, histories, and identities, and there's nothing more exciting (and delicious) than trying new flavors from around the world.

    A street vendor cooking tatoyaki.

    1. Vietnam: Bun Cha and Bánh Xèo

    Vietnamese bun bo with rice noodles.

    2. China: Jianbing

    Jianbing from China.

    3. Poland: Zapiekanka

    A close-up of Polish zapiekanka.

    4. Japan: Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki and Ramen

    A Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki.

    5. Argentina: Empanadas

    Argentinian Empanadas

    6. Portugal: Pastéis de Nata and Bacalhau

    A Portuguese egg custard tart.

    7. East Africa: Chipsi Mayai

    A French fry omelet aka Chips Mayai

    8. Italy: Neapolitan Pizza

    A man preparing pizza.

    9. Colombia: Chocolate Santafereño

    Two mugs of hot chocolate.

    10. Germany: Käsespätzle and Döner Kebab

    German käsespätzle with fried onions.

    11. Mexico: Birria and Mole

    Mexican birria tacos and consomme.

    12. Romania: Sarmale

    Romanian stuffed cabbage rolls.

    13. Australia: Meat Pie

    An Australian meat pie with tomato ketchup.

    14. Singapore: Kaya Toast and Chicken Rice

    Singaporean chicken rice.

    15. India: Pani Puri and Biryani

    A plate of pani puri.

    16. Indonesia: Nasi Goreng and Martabak

    Indonesian nasi goreng.

    17. Philippines: Pancit, Lumpia, and Adobo

    Filipino pancit aka stir fried noodles.

    18. Hungary: Paprikás Krumpli

    Hungarian Paprikás krumpli.

    19. USA: Barbecue

    A big platter of Texas BBQ.

    20. England: Fish and Chips and Sunday Roast

    Fish and chips in paper.

    21. Nepal: Dal-Bhat-Tarkari

    Nepalese curry over rice with an egg.

    22. Sweden: Meatballs with Lingonberry Jam

    A plate of Swedish meatballs with potatoes and berry jam

    23. Greece: Gyro

    A gyro with fries.

    24. Serbia: Karađorđeva šnicla

    A Serbian rolled schnitzel.

    25. South Africa: Biltong and Boerewors Roll

    26. Lebanon: Shish Barak

    Lebanese shish barak with tomato salad and pita.

    27. Denmark: Flæskesteg Sandwich

    A danish Flæskesteg sandwich.

    28. Hong Kong: Egg Waffles

    A Hong Kong style egg waffle.

    29. Korea: Budae Jjigae

    Korean Budae-Jjigae.

    30. Spain: Tumbet and Tortilla Española

    Tumbet aka eggplant layered with potato and tomato sauce.

    31. The Netherlands: Stroopwafel

    Stroopwafels from the Netherlands.

    32. Malaysia: Nasi Lemak and Char Kuay Teow

    Malaysian Nasi Lemak on a beautiful plate.

    Do you have a favorite dish from your home country that every traveler should seek out? Tell us in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.