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    12 Of The Most Underrated Food Cities In America

    Road trip, anyone?

    1. Providence, Rhode Island: For people who want a walkable city with great bites on every corner.

    Providence, Rhode Island.

    2. Asheville, North Carolina: For people who love barbecue and craft beer.

    The Asheville skyline.

    3. Charlottesville, Virginia: For refined Southern comfort food that won't break the bank.

    4. Healdsburg, California: For wine lovers who want something more casual than Napa Valley.

    5. St. Louis: For the foodie ready to explore both budget bites and fine dining.

    St. Louis, Missoui.

    6. Traverse City, Michigan: For the food and wine enthusiast who loves a small-town feel.

    7. Scottsdale, Arizona: For the traveler who likes to relax, refuel, and eat very well.

    Scottsdale, Arizona at sunset.

    8. Portland, Maine: For seasonal cooking with a laid-back New England vibe.

    The harbor in Portland, Maine.

    9. Boulder, Colorado: For the food and beer fanatic who enjoys good food in a down-to-earth atmosphere.

    Downtown Boulder, Colorado.

    10. Greenville, South Carolina: For the adventurous foodie who's always discovering the latest hot spots.

    Greenville, South Carolina.

    11. Birmingham, Alabama: For Southern cooking with a sophisticated, seasonal flair.

    Downtown Birmingham.

    12. Catskills, New York: For the farmers-market enthusiast who wants great food in a gorgeous setting.

    A mountain scene in the Catskills.

    Have you visited a US city with a seriously amazing food scene? Tell us in the comments below!