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    28 Little Life Hacks That'll Make You Say, "Huh, That's Actually A Great Hack"

    I can vouch for several of these.

    Every now and then, you hear a tip or trick that sounds so absurd or strange, it can't possibly work. But every now and's true. So redditor u/rat-avec-london asked, "What is a lifehack that seems fake, but is a true lifesaver?"

    And people really came through. Here are little everyday hacks that might sound weird — but actually work:

    1. "If you have hard butter but want to bake, use a cheese grater to quickly soften it."

    2. "If you're having trouble staying awake in class or at a meeting, see how long you can keep one of your feet lifted slightly off the ground."


    3. "Order a bowl at Chipotle with a tortilla on the side. You get a larger serving size by doing that and when you get home, just put it together."

    4. "If you’ve got a splinter below your skin surface, wrap a banana peel around it."

    "Wet side against your skin. It will draw the splinter out most of the time. I don’t know how but it freaking works. Banana magic." u/Rusty_is_a_good_boy

    5. "Use mayonnaise to remove water stains in wood from cups and glasses."

    A large tub of mayo with a spoon in it.
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    6. "Preparation H on bug bites makes them instantly stop itching."

    "A farmer told me about this trick. So far I've used it on mosquito bites, fire ants, ticks, wasp stings, and poison oak." u/mywifehasspicylips

    7. "Boil your pasta in a shallow frying pan. It takes less water and it cooks faster."

    Hannah Loewentheil/BuzzFeed

    8. "If you eat something really spicy at home and milk isn't available, eat ice cream or yogurt."


    9. "Rubbing alcohol works to get paint off clothes."

    Kid painting
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    10. "Run your wrists under cold water or rub an ice cube on your pulse points to cool down all over quickly when you get overheated."

    "It seems obvious but I didn’t realize it until last summer working in a warehouse with no air conditioning." u/mannershmanners

    11. "The best way to reheat pizza is in a frying pan with a tablespoon or two of water splashed on the side and a lid on top.

    Reheating pizza in a skillet

    "You're welcome." u/upnflames

    12. "Crayons are flammable and will provide about an hour of candlelight if you light the top."

    Different-colored crayons.
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    13. "25% of 18 is the same as 18% of 25. Percentages are reversible and one is usually easier to figure out than the other one."


    14. "Eating candied ginger can help with nausea. Any ginger really, but candied ginger is much better tasting."

    Candied ginger in a bowl with a piece of ginger root.
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    15. "Rubbing alcohol removes chewing gum."


    16. "Chopped-up potatoes in overly salty soups or stews will leach a lot of the salt out."

    A woman chopping potatoes on a cutting board.
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    "Just cook them for a while and pull them out." u/eeyore134

    17. "Dawn dish soap is better for cleaning tubs than any bathroom cleaner."

    "Consider that when you bathe, you’re mostly washing off body oils/dirt/skin. Dawn is so effective at cleaning oil, it’s used to clean up after oil spills. You can use a small amount and it cleans pretty effortlessly with circles on a sponge."


    18. "Rub vegetable oil (or any cooking oil) on your hands after you cut jalapeños or other hot peppers."

    Diced jalapeño in a bowl with onion and avocado.
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    "It gets rid of the awfulness that would normally be left on your hands from the peppers. I rub my hands with oil and then wash it off with dish soap. This trick works so well I can even remove my contacts after doing it."


    19. "Vinegar in a plastic bag with a rubber band tied around any faucet or showerhead makes it look just like new."

    Descaling a shower head in a bag of vinegar
    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    "I'm talking decade-old rust and stuff gone...and water flows like the first day. It works on showerheads." u/Aakwanderer

    20. "If you have hiccups, eat a spoonful of peanut butter."

    A spoonful of peanut butter.
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    "I don't know how or why or what, but I do this when I get hiccups and it works. Every. Time." u/LS-BleepBloop

    21. "Smell is closely associated with memory. If you're studying for an exam, buy an odd-scented eraser (like pickle scent)."

    "Every time you try to memorize something, take a sniff. Take that eraser to the test and sniff it when you're having trouble remembering an answer."


    22. "Use a wet knife to chop onions. It reduces tears if you have sensitive eyes."

    Chopping a white onion on a cutting board.
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    "It really works!! I could barely make it through chopping half an onion without needing multiple breaks before I tried this. Just keep the faucet running and dip your knife under periodically while chopping. I still get a little reaction, but nowhere near as bad." u/1nd1anaCroft

    23. Microwave tip: Put a bit of water on the tray with whatever you are microwaving. It always makes it taste better and fresher.


    24. "A pinch of salt in your coffee. Greatly reduces the amount of sugar and milk I have to use and works better than any amount of both."

    Stirring milk and sugar into coffee.
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    25. "Ladies who love sundresses but hate tights? Use some underarm deodorant on your thighs to avoid the thigh rub."


    26. "Clean up little pieces of glass with Wonder Bread. It sucks up the small pieces like you wouldn't believe."

    A slice of fluffy white bread.
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    27. Yell at your vacuum cleaner to get your dogs to stop barking at it."

    A corgi dog looking at a vacuum cleaner.
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    28. Heat white vinegar, then add an equal part dawn dish soap and you have an easy home cleaner for just about anything.

    "Vinegar helps break down any set-in mess and dawn clears it away. Let it sit for 30 minutes on moat surfaces and it's even better. It's magic stuff for bathrooms, kitchens, and any hard surface." u/MuddestOfDuck

    Do you have an amazing life hack that people should know about? Tell us in the comments below!