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    27 Chaotically Accurate Food Observations That, Quite Frankly, Have Sent Me Into A Tailspin

    Honestly, this ruined shrimp for me forever.

    Is a quesadilla just a version of grilled cheese? Is a hot dog a sandwich? In the food world, there are a lot of technicalities. So Redditor u/hankhillforprez asked, "what are some very different foods that, considering the ingredients, can vaguely be called the same thing?" Some of the responses have my head spinning.

    1. "Macaroni and cheese with sliced hot dogs is carbonara if you’re super vague about the details."

    Mac 'n' cheese with sliced hot dog.

    2. "A corn dog is really just a cheaper version of beef Wellington."

    Corn dogs.

    3. "A fish stick and a hot dog served together on the same plate is basically surf 'n turf."

    A hot dog and a fish stick.

    4. "A soy vanilla latte is technically three bean soup."

    A vanilla latte.

    5. "The flavor of water is its temperature."

    A carafe and a glass of water on a table.

    6. "When you buy pizza from a place that only sells it by the slice, you're pretty much having a pizza party with a bunch of strangers that day."

    A slice of pepperoni pizza.

    7. "Charcuterie is just a Lunchable that went to Harvard."

    A Lunchable with cheese and Bologna.

    8. "Pizza is just a plate of food where you can eat the plate, too."

    A meatball pizza pie.

    9. "Gazpacho is a vegetable smoothie."

    A bowl of gazpacho.

    10. "A chicken nugget is a meatball, and nothing can change that fact."

    Chicken nuggets.

    11. "The cereal industry is almost entirely dependent on the milk industry."

    Pouring milk into a bowl of cereal.

    12. "Pop Tarts are just breakfast ravioli a bowl of cereal is just breakfast soup."

    A Pop Tart sliced in half.

    13. "French Cassoulet is just fancy canned Beanie Weenies."

    Beanie Weenies with a glass of wine.

    14. "A muffin is just a cupcake without frosting."

    Muffins baking in a muffin tin.

    15. "Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets for adults in denial."

    Boneless buffalo chicken wings.

    16. "Strawberry Cheesecake is essentially a plate of fruit, cheese, and eggs, perfectly acceptable for breakfast."

    A slice of strawberry cheesecake.

    17. "Cheez-It crackers and a V8 juice for lunch is deconstructed grilled cheese and tomato soup."

    Cheez-It crackers and tomato juice in a glass.

    18. "Ketchup is just a kind of fruit jam."


    19. "If you eat canned fruit, you are more than likely sharing a once-whole piece of fruit with someone hundreds or thousands of miles away."

    Canned diced pineapples.

    20. "If you really think about, French toast and egg salad on a sandwich are essentially one in the same."

    Making French toast.

    21. "Heavily buttered pasta with grated Parmesan and chicken chunks is vaguely the same as Chicken Alfredo."

    Grating Parmesan cheese.

    22. "The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon."

    A sliced cucumber.

    23. "There are so many different kinds of apples that all taste different, but there's only one apple juice flavor."

    Apples and a glass of juice.

    24. "Corn is really just a speedometer that measures how fast your digestive system is working."

    Two corns on the cob.

    25. "A Nestle Crunch Bar is beans and rice."

    A pile of wrapped candies.

    26. "We eat shrimp as a delicacy, but they're basically the cockroaches of the sea."

    Shelled shrimp on a plate.

    27. "Soy milk and soy sauce are two VERY different liquids derived from the same bean."

    Soy beans.