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    Here's What A Million-Dollar Home Looks Like In 16 Different Cities

    ♪ ♫ If I had a million dollars ♪ ♫

    1. New York City: 1 BR on the Upper West Side

    A private outdoor terrace is hard to come by...especially in Manhattan. See the listing.

    2. Tel Aviv: 2 BR Apartment ($815,706)

    3. Rome: 3 BR Apartment

    4. San Francisco: 2BR Condo in the Mission

    This full-floor condo is set in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of SF. See the listing.

    5. Paris: 1 BR in 3rd Arrondissement ($921,332)

    6. Stockholm: 1 BR in Östermalm District

    It's the epitome of sleep and luxurious Scandinavian design...swoon. See the listing.

    7. Cape Town, South Africa: 4 BR House in Constantia ($980,028)

    8. Barcelona: 2 BR in Turó Parc

    A penthouse with a private terrace located just a block from glamorous Turó Parc...who wouldn't want to call this home? See the listing.

    9. Melbourne: 3 BR in City Center

    Welp, I'm taking my family and moving to the Land Down Under. See the listing.

    10. Tokyo: 2 BR Skyrise in Chūō

    Standing 180 meters in the air, this luxury residence is the 45th-tallest building in all of Tokyo. See the listing.

    11. Mexico City: 5 BR Villa ($849,200)

    BRB, moving to Mexico. See the listing.

    12. Berlin: 4 BR in Kreuzberg

    13. Washington, DC: 3 BR Victorian ($1 million)

    This single-family home boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a super central location, and — best of all — a backyard. See the listing.

    14. Montreal: 4BR in Downtown ($837,487)

    15. Austin: 4 BR Modern Home ($874,000)

    16. Beirut, Lebanon: 3 BR Apartment in Achrafieh ($965,000)