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    Insider Tips For Tourists Visiting 27 Cities, According To Locals Who Live There

    Locals dish on everything from tourist traps to elevator etiquette.

    The absolute best way to experience any city is to listen to the locals who live there.

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    So we asked locals to tell us their best travel tips for tourists visiting their home city. Here were some of their responses:

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    1. Paris, France

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    "Avoid the metro as much as possible if you can. Walking is the best way to discover the city, so travel by foot as much as you can to see the city. You will inevitably discover architectural wonders." — bastienb89

    "Don’t ask for your food with different ingredients or substitutions. Menus are meant to be enjoyed as they are. And don’t order meat well done." — miriamm4ea9aa981

    "Instead of all the big, very touristed museums (Louvre, Musée d'Orsay) visit some smaller museums like Le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature i or the Musée Jacquemart-André."bastienb89

    2. Miami

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    "Think beyond the beach. Miami is a melting pot of different cultures with wonderful food and a great art scene to show for it." — jasmines45bd52737

    3. Tokyo

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    "In Tokyo and other cities in Japan, get a PASMO or Suica train card. It costs about ¥500 ($4) to purchase the card, then you can add as much money as you want and get on any train simply by touching your card to a sensor. It allows you way more freedom when traveling, and saves you the trouble of having to purchase individual tickets each time you take the train." — megh6

    4. Nashville

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    "Don't spend all your time on Broadway. Instead, try exploring East Nashville, West End, The Gulch and Five Points." — mariakalels

    5. San Francisco

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    "Bring your own bags when you go shopping at any store. Stores charge 10 cents for each bag you buy. Yes, it’s annoying, but it keeps us accountable and conscious when shopping." — brandia4e65fcc94

    6. Amsterdam

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    "Watch out for bikes. Seriously. Pay attention to what makes up the sidewalk and what makes up the road so you don't get hit." — elizabethy457e4d6b0

    7. Melbourne

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    "Instead of staying in Central Melbourne, book your hotel or Airbnb in the Bayside area o Glen Iris." — bellam272

    "Visiting Melbourne isn’t about ticking off the tourist sights (like Sydney), it’s about experiences. There are great food experiences at any budget, fun dive bars, upscale cocktail bars, pop up art exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, and exciting food, music, and art festivals. Take advantage of these experiences and you'll fall in love with the city." — leahbeth

    8. New Orleans

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    "The best restaurants are always the ones that don't populate first on a Google search and usually don't have long lines. The best, freshest food is always at the small, ramshackle places." — emmajeanl2

    "Talk to people! People here are so friendly and love to talk, tell stories and share recommendations. NOLA has a distinct cultural openness and friendliness you won't find in many other cities. The locals will point you toward small local festivals, hidden spots, restaurant recommendations, and more." — violetbaudelaire

    "The French Quarter isn’t the only part of New Orleans. There are other great parts of the city well-worth exploring." — madelynf487f41e0c

    9. Las Vegas

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    "For the best meals, eat off The Strip. Head to Chinatown, the Arts District and Fremont for amazing restaurants. Plus, these parts of town are just a quick Uber ride from The Strip." — Log_Lady

    "Las Vegas is more than the strip, so rent a car and see more than flashing lights. Red Rock is amazing and Lake Mead has some great trails for hiking." — rebeccam4af22ab64

    10. Austin

    11. Denver

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    "If you plan to visit a marijuana dispensary, keep in mind that smoking in public is still illegal and most hotels and Airbnbs don't allow smoking inside." — a45ada6a01

    12. New York

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    "Avoid Times Square. Any New Yorker knows to avoid that place like the plague. It’s overcrowded and overrated." — cnapoleone

    "Explore outside of Midtown, Manhattan. There are so many great places to stay and eat downtown, and in Brooklyn and Queens. Don’t limit yourself to one borough." — Katiekinssw

    "New Yorkers walk quickly. If you need to stop on the sidewalk for any reason, move out of the middle of the sidewalk. We won't mow you down if you don't move out of the way, but we also won't be gracious about it." — elid9

    13. Boston

    14. Pittsburgh

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    "Sports are a really big deal here. Beware that on a Pirates, Steeler's or Penguin's game day, the train will be packed with black and gold and traffic will be heavy." — karmaisfox

    15. Shanghai

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    "Avoid cabs! Most won't stop on the street for you anyway. The metro is easy, fast, and inexpensive, and the signs are marked clearly in English." — larksings

    16. Oahu

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    "Don’t spend your whole time in Oahu on the North Shore. It’s very touristy and crowded. Instead, travel to the east side of the island and head over to Lanikai Beach where you'll find softer sand, calm waters, and a ton of amazing places to eat." — ericaa40a17979c

    17. Orlando

    18. Penang, Malaysia

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    "You won't find Penang's best food in fancy restaurants. It's all about street food here. Ask the locals where to go and what to try, because they know best. You'll find street food inspired by the cultures and cuisines all across Southeast Asia." —Adlynna02

    19. Barcelona

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    "Resist the temptation to sit down for a meal at any restaurant on Las Ramblas, unless you're eating at a stall in the Boqueria Market. Barcelona is teeming with amazing food and delicious tapas bars, but unfortunately you won't find them at the over priced tourist traps that line the city's busiest street." — Hannah Loewentheil, BuzzFeed

    20. Calgary, Canada

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    "The weather is always changing and totally unpredictable, so wear layers, carry and umbrella, and be prepared." — Tessampalmer

    21. Los Angeles

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    "Even though Southern California is basically synonymous with traffic, most tourists seem not to plan for it. Los Angeles is huge and the commute from one point of interest to another can easily an hour or more each way. Be mindful of rush hour and try to see multiple sites in the same area to maximize your time." — Superfangers

    22. Seattle

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    "If you're visiting Seattle, make sure to explore north of the city. Take the ferry to Orcas Island, hop on the train up to Bellingham for amazing views and great food, or drive to North Cascades National Park. Exploring nature is the best way to experience life in the Pacific Northwest." — Ehch

    "Don’t go to the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market. The coffee there is no different than what you'll find at any Starbucks in the country, and there are so many places in the city that have better coffee. Go anywhere else for a more authentic experience." — allisons4c1af465f

    "It does rain here, however, it’s mostly just drizzles and grey skies. You probably don't need to carry around an umbrella, just have a good rain jacket. Plus the weather can switch on a dime so make sure to layer up." — jillianf48006b053

    23. Rome

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    "Don’t waste your money on water bottles. Just have one and refill it at the free fountains, which can be found all over the city." — pandabear14

    24. Portland, Oregon

    25. Singapore

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    "Spend some time in the city touring the famous spots, but then explore the suburbs. That will give you a better feel for what 'real' Singaporean life is like. Beyond the high-rise buildings you'll find great food, monuments, and wildlife." — amanpreetkaurj

    26. Washington D.C.

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    "There's more to D.C. than the National Mall. Museums and monuments are sprinkled throughout the city, and some are free to visit. Check out the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum, Hillwood Estate, the Spy Museum" — catlitten

    "Walk on the left and stand on the right when you're using metro escalators, especially during rush hour. This is the proper etiquette, and we enforce it." — asmam45db4ae24

    27. Philadelphia

    Do you have advice for tourists visiting your hometown that we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below!

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