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    16 Cakes That Will Deeply Satisfy Anyone Obsessed With Succulents

    For the most epic garden party ever.

    1. This colorful wedding cake fit for a plant-lady bride.

    2. And these adorable 'lil cupcakes.

    3. Also, these.

    4. This decadent number.

    5. And this cupcake assortment.

    6. This colorful cake that is almost too beautiful.

    7. And this piece of perfection.

    8. This sleek naked cake.

    9. And this one, too.

    10. These mini desserts.

    11. This gorgeous wedding creation.

    12. And this absolute stunner.

    13. These tiny cupcake creations.

    14. And this decadent chocolate vision.

    15. These little bites of succulent heaven.

    16. And this feast for the eyes (and stomach).