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    Updated on Jun 29, 2020. Posted on Sep 16, 2019

    16 Tweets That Perfectly Describe What It's Like To Shop At Whole Foods

    "I'm wandering around Whole Foods like Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal.'"

    1. It's inevitable that you're bound to run into a few of these people.

    Amazing - overheard at Whole Foods. "Um, I need to read the numbers on the barcode aloud to you. I don't want any lasers touching my food."

    2. And also these people.

    A woman in this Whole Foods parking lot is trying to get two birds to stop fighting

    3. Enter and you're immediately surrounded by millennials wearing Lulu Lemon, buying avocados, and dabbling with veganism.

    IS THIS A GAY BAR? DID YOU BRING ME TO A GAY BAR, SON? This is whole foods, Dad.

    4. When you walk into Whole Foods without a grocery list.

    I'm wandering around Whole Foods like tom hanks in The Terminal

    5. Or when you have a very set grocery list and know that won't help you here.

    THE WORST: I just spent $30 on apples at Whole Foods and then dropped both of them!

    6. Or when you're just trying to buy some damn apples.

    robbers stole $60,000 from a NYC Whole Foods. police don't know if the bag of apples and loaf of bread will ever be recovered.

    7. It's like some of the produce there is just begging to be made into a meme.

    They were out of massaged kale at Whole Foods last night, so instead I picked up some kale that had gotten an exfoliating scrub.

    8. And you're like, "but what do I do with sliced jackfruit? Actually, what is jackfruit?"

    y’all.... whole foods in america really cut jackfruits into watermelon slices. i cannot believe my asian eyes

    9. Remember when Amazon bought Whole Foods and it felt like a bargain?

    WHO AMONG US can leave a Whole Foods without spending $13.7 billion.

    10. TFW you're a little bit hungry and you pass by the salad bar...

    whole foods has the best samples and u dont even have to pay!

    11. Maybe I should just ditch my therapist and go to Whole Foods once a week?

    a man in whole foods asked how i was doing and i said ok how are you and he said “it is beautiful in my soul today” and that’s why i never go to whole foods

    12. We all secretly love how bougie we feel after a Whole Foods run.

    i used a pressed juice from whole foods as a mixer for my vodka and now i have a travel blog and a 2yr old son name jayden

    13. Pro tip: Don't go to Whole Foods with an empty stomach or a full wallet.

    me going to whole foods after my bank account is replinished with that hard earned paycheck

    14. Case in point.

    Him: did you take out a personal loan for $7,000 Me: yes Him: why? Me: I went to Whole Foods when I was really hungry

    15. *Walks into Whole Foods, runs straight to the hummus aisle*

    When there’s two white women and one container of hummus left at Whole Foods

    16. We may or may not have chosen our Airbnb based on its proximity to a Whole Foods store.

    The first thing I do when I get to a new city is look up how close the nearest Whole Foods is.