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    "As An Italian, This Behavior Kills Me": People Are Sharing The Most Horrific Crimes Against Food They've Witnessed

    I have sooo many questions about these.

    Everyone has culinary preferences. That's what makes us human, after all. But sometimes those preferences are so bizarre, they might as well be called crimes against food. So Redditor u/u/No_Analysis8135 asked, "What is the most heinous food crime?" Here's what people said.

    1. "My mother microwaves salad, and I'm not talking chicken salad or egg salad. I'm talking vegetables. A full salad made of plants goes in the microwave for 60 seconds."

    A half-finished salad

    2. "Serving undressed noodles with a pool of sauce on top. As an Italian, this kills me. For the love of God, add the pasta back into the sauce before serving."

    Man pouring sauce over spaghetti.

    3. "When I was a kid, I'd sneak into the bag of Dorito's, lick all the powder off some of the chips and then put them back in the bag. When my parents would try to eat some they'd suddenly be horrified by the random cold and soggy chips."

    Doritos chips on a wooden table.

    4. "I had a girlfriend who would eat butter straight from the stick. Seriously. As if it were a candy bar."

    An open package of butter.

    5. "My aunt stirs a spoonful of sugar into her glass of red wine. Now that is a new one for me, and it's unforgivable. An ice cube in wine is pretty common, but sugar in your wine? Absolutely not."

    Wine being poured into a wine glass

    6. "My mom regularly microwaves fish...usually salmon. She doesn’t even season it or anything, just takes a piece of raw salmon, puts it on a plate covered in plastic wrap over it, and microwaves it for eight minutes. She claims she loves it 🙃. It's appalling."

    A package of vacuum sealed salmon

    7. "People who use no seasoning at all while cooking, not even a pinch of salt. My parents did this when I was growing up so for the first 12 years of my life I just assumed that the only place you could get food that tasted good was at restaurants."

    Chef seasoning meat on a grill.

    8. "A student I went to school with ate pineapples with mayo. IMO, that should be considered a serious crime."

    Slicing pineapple.

    9. "Boiling vegetables to mush. Steaming, roasting, grilling or even just serving raw veggies are better options than boiling those delicious vegetables until soft, mushy, and tasteless."

    Boil the broccoli in boiling water.

    10. "I cannot stand the way my mother eats sandwiches. Take, for example, a roast beef sandwich. She takes it all apart and eats the roast beef and then the bread separately. It's meant to be eaten all together...that's what makes a sandwich taste good!"

    An opened sandwich next to sliced tomatoes

    11. "Salting the life out of your food before you have even tried it. It's OK if you want to make your food saltier, but at least taste it first. My dad does this, and my younger brother seems to have inherited the trait. It drives me nuts."

    Salting pasta water.

    12. "I can't stand when someone has multiple packages of the exact same food open simultaneously. Please finish one and then move onto the next."

    Health food in a pantry.

    13. "My roommate eats peanut butter and mayo sandwiches, which seems like a food crime to me. Fortunately, I’ve never had to experience seeing her make or eat one."

    A peanut butter and mayo sandwich.

    14. "Adding certain powdered spices at the end of cooking, close to when you turn off the heat. Most spices must be added early in the cooking process to [sic] them to bloom, get rid of the raw taste, and really blend with the other ingredients. This goes for powerful spices like cayenne, cumin, coriander powder, etc..."

    Cooking vegetables with spices in a skillet.

    15. "Using excessive, improper toppings on pizza. Forget about pineapple — that's nothing. My wife puts mayo, egg, corn, potato and French fries on pizza like it's normal."

    A slice of pizza topped with bacon and corn.

    16. "When people do not warm their flour or corn tortillas and serve them straight out of the package. These people should go straight to jail."

    a fish taco with an arrow pointing to the text, "cold tortillas=nasty tacos"

    17. "Biting into a Kit Kat whole rather than separating it into two individual sticks. A friend of mine once bit sideways into a Kit Kat bar and I was horrified."

    A hand holding a Kit Kat bar.

    18. "Severely overcooking steak. I have a relative who likes his steak cooked extra well done. I don’t know how he even gets it down. Why bother getting nice steak if you're going to over-cook it to death?!"

    A well-cooked steak on a plate.

    19. "Grilling burgers and not putting the cheese on the burger while it's on the grill still cooking. Also people who don't toast the burger buns."

    Two cheeseburgers on the grill.

    20. "Putting ice cubes in milk. My daughter does this and it drives me nuts. There's nothing worse than watery milk."

    A glass of milk with ice.

    21. "Using a food processor for a recipe that clearly states to grind herbs together with a mortar and pestle until it becomes a paste. It takes a good amount of time, but this is the cooking method for a reason. Tossing the ingredients into a food processor or blender just isn't the same. I am Cambodian, and this is a true offense in our home when cooking."

    A mortar and pestle being used to make a paste.

    22. "I have a neighbor who used to pull the cheese off her pizza and cover it in ketchup. I'd call that behavior a crime. It physically hurts me when I see people covering an entire pizza slice in ketchup."

    Someone putting ketchup on pizza dough

    23. "My brother was allergic to dairy when we were younger. Instead of using milk, I have on several occassions witnessed him pour orange juice into his cereal and eat it."

    Orange juice being poured into a glass

    24. "Using cauliflower as a 'healthy' ingredient replacement and saying it tastes the same. Cauliflower is a great vegetable. You can make rice out of it, you can use it to bulk up a curry, you can slice and roast or fry it. But it tastes like cauliflower. It's never going to taste like potato or rice or meat. So let's not pretend. You're always going to be disappointed when it doesn't taste as good."

    Cauliflower Rice and Shrimp in a Bowl

    25. "Making a burger that is so fat I can't fit my mouth around it. I want to be able to taste all of the toppings in each mouthful without ingredients falling out of the bun."

    Fresh beef burger with French Fries.

    26. "Any sort of flavored hummus or a dip called ‘hummus’ that doesn’t use chickpeas. The word hummus means chickpeas in Arabic, so if it doesn’t have chickpeas it's not hummus. Call it any other dip, but don't confuse it for hummus."

    Sweet potato hummus in a bowl.

    27. "Using Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise or sour cream in a recipe like Deviled Eggs or potato salad. There is nothing that ruins a good plate of food like biting into that sweet, fake-tasting goop."

    Jars of Miracle Whip.

    28. "This is my own food crime confession: I really love to eat lemons as you would eat an orange or a clementine — by peeling it and eating the whole thing. For some reason I love the sourness. Of all my strange food preferences, this one really causes witnesses to cringe."

    Sliced lemon wedges on a white background.

    29. "My mother-in-law's burrito recipe should be an actual crime. It's a room temperature flour tortilla, boiled hot dog, canned black olives, and shredded carrots."

    Hot dogs in water.

    30. "I used to share a house with a guy, and every time a bottle or jar of sauce was only about a third full, he would fill it up with water and shake it 'to get his money's worth.' That's not saving money, it's just making your condiments taste awful."

    Bottles and containers inside a fridge.

    31. "My roommate puts apple sauce on anything from tacos or fish to spaghetti or burgers. He will literally dunk any food into a bowl of applesauce. It's absolutely horrifying."

    Top view of a serving of applesauce in a glass bowl on a marble table top.

    32. "Adding cucumber to any hot dish. I know a woman who puts it into everything from Green chili to chicken soup. Cucumber is a great side dish, but don't cook it in your hot foods."

    Korean bibimbap with vegetables and egg.

    Have you witnessed (or even been a perpetrator of) something that can only be considered a crime against food? Spill the beans in the comments below.