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    "I Desperately Wish These Existed Here": 17 European Foods That Are Really, Really Hard To Find In The US, Much To My Absolute Dismay

    I'd give an arm and a leg to have some of these in the United States.

    Have you ever traveled somewhere and fallen in love with a food or a dish only to discover it's really difficult (if not impossible) to find back home? Well, I've become obsessed with a bunch of European foods only to discover that they are so hard to come by in the States. Here are 17 that I'm constantly looking out for (and contemplating planning a Euro-trip to get my hands on).

    1. Quaker Creusli

    Me holding a box of Quaker creusli

    2. Pylsa (Icelandic Hot Dog)

    An Icelandic hot dog with toppings

    3. Smørrebrød

    Open-faced sandwiches with different toppings

    4. Kinder Surprise

    A Kinder Surprise chocolate candy

    5. Zumo de Coco

    6. Paprika Pringles

    A container of paprika-flavored Pringles

    7. Incredible table wine

    Holding a glass of wine by a pool at sunset

    8. Jamon Ibérico (and all of the cured meats)

    A plate of charcuterie

    9. Gelato alla Nocciola (Hazelnut Ice Cream)

    Different gelato flavors.

    10. Döner Kebab

    Two döner kebabs

    11. Tapas

    A plate of chorizo, olives, and glasses of sparkling wine

    12. Dutch Pancakes

    A man sitting at a table with a thin Dutch pancake

    13. Supplì

    A hand holding a suppli filled with tomato risotto

    14. Txakoli

    A man pouring glasses of white wine

    15. Käsespätzle

    A skillet of cheesy noodles

    16. Carciofi alla Giudìa (Fried Artichoke)

    A deep-fried artichoke on a plate

    17. And just about any chocolate

    A vending machine with chocolate bars in Europe

    What is a European food you wish was more readily available or common in the US? Tell us in the comments below!