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    22 Japanese-Inspired Recipes That Will Basically Transport You To Tokyo

    Satisfy your wanderlust with these delicious recipes you can make right at home.

    When it comes to food, the Japanese just do it better. So while you dream of a trip to Tokyo or Kyoto, satisfy your tastebuds and your wanderlust with these crowd-pleasing Japanese-inspired recipes.

    1. Udon Noodle Stir Fry With Shrimp

    A bowl of udon noodle stir fry with carrots, mushrooms, and scallions tossed in soy sauce.
    Chili To Choc / Via

    Thick and chewy udon noodles make for a delicious stir fry. Just toss them with some vegetables, your favorite protein, and a mix of oyster sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Get the recipe for udon noodle stir fry with shrimp here.

    2. Japanese Fried Chicken

    Cooking With Bry / Via

    The Japanese take on fried chicken is called karaage and you can make it with just a few ingredients. Start with diced chicken thighs marinated in mirin, soy sauce, and ginger, then coat it in potato starch and fry it in oil. Get the recipe for Japanese fried chicken here.

    3. Cabbage and Zucchini Okonomayaki

    A savory Japanese cabbage pancake topped with scallions, spicy mayo, ketchup, and sesame seeds.
    Yummy Beet / Via

    This savory Japanese pancake is made with shredded zucchini and cabbage mixed with eggs, onions, and soy sauce. It's fried in a skillet until golden brown and crispy on the outside, then drizzled with your favorite condiments. Get the recipe for cabbage and zucchini okonomiyaki here.

    4. Sesame Soba Noodles

    Foodie Crush / Via

    These stir fried soba noodles come together in no time, tossed with a mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar, black and white sesame seeds, and sugar. You can jazz it up with anything from frozen gyoza to bok choy or snap peas. Get the recipe for sesame soba noodles here.

    5. Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich

    The Flavor Bender / Via

    The Japanese have taken classic egg salad to the next level. There's something about the combination of fluffy milk bread, slightly runny eggs, and Japanese mayonnaise that makes for an unbelievable sandwich. If you don't have Kewpie mayo on hand, just use the plain old American stuff. It'll still taste great. Get the recipe for Japanese egg salad sandwich here.

    6. Salmon Sushi Bowls

    Two salmon sushi bowls with cucumbers, carrots, beets, radishes, and edamame over white rice.
    Kitchen Sanctuary / Via

    If you don't have access to sushi grade fish, you can make these bowls with anything from cooked salmon or shrimp to tofu and avocado. Get the recipe for salmon sushi bowls here.

    7. Japanese Potato Croquettes

    A bitten-into crunchy fried Japanese potato croquette revealing the creamy potato interior.
    Chopstick Chronicles / Via

    If you're a fan of tater tots or potato puffs, you'll go wild for these croquettes, which are essentially fried balls of mashed potatoes. Get the recipe for Japanese potato croquettes here.

    8. Japanese Gyoza

    Chopsticks reaching for a plump dumpling on a long plate.
    Recipe Tin Eats / Via

    If you don't have the time or energy to make the gyoza wrappers yourself, opt for the store-bought version. And if you're not a fan of pork you can substitute shrimp, chicken, or keep it vegetarian. Get the recipe for Japanese gyoza here.

    9. Katsu Curry

    A bowl of fried Japanese chicken katsu over rice with curry sauce.
    Chopstick Chronicles / Via

    You can use either chicken or pork to make these crispy fried cutlets. Serve it over rice with Japanese curry roux, which you can pick up at just about any Asian market or make it from scratch with just five ingredients. Get the recipe for chicken katsu curry here.

    10. Japanese Beef and Rice Bowls

    The Woks of Life / Via

    Make sure to start with thinly sliced beef so it cooks quickly in sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. Then spoon the beef over white rice and garnish with a runny fried egg for good measure. Get the recipe for Japanese beef and rice bowls here.

    11. Easy Ramen Bowls

    Hands holding a bowl of ramen with chopped scallions, carrots, sesame seeds, and a soft boiled egg.
    Killing Thyme / Via

    Start with your favorite store-bought ramen noodles and add them to a homemade broth of Sriracha, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. Toss in any of your favorite add-ins like soft boiled egg, pork belly, or vegetables. Get the recipe for easy ramen bowls here.

    12. Chicken Yakitori

    Grilled skewers of chicken thighs and scallions.
    Just One Cookbook / Via

    In Japan, yakitori refers to chicken grilled over a fire and served on a stick. You can use whatever cut of chicken you like best from wings to thighs. Get the recipe for yakitori chicken here.

    13. Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

    I Am a Food Blog / Via, I Am A Food Blog / Via

    The main different between Japanese soufflé-style pancakes and American pancakes is that the Japanese batter is made with more eggs. The whites are separated from the yolks and beaten until stiff peaks form so that the final pancakes are light and puffy. Get the recipe for fluffy Japanese pancakes here.

    14. Cold Soba Noodles

    Lazy Cat KItchen / Via, Lazy Cat Kitchen / Via

    You can add whatever vegetables you have on hand to these cold soba noodles. Toss them in a homemade dressing made with lime juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, and maple syrup for a refreshing meal on a warm summer day. Get the recipe for cold soba noodles here.

    15. Grilled Chicken Meatballs

    I Heart Umami / Via

    Called tsukune in Japanese, these chicken meatballs are glazed in teriyaki sauce. While traditionally cooked on the grill, you can also bake or pan fry them. Get the recipe for Japanese grilled chicken meatballs here.

    16. Grilled Miso-Glazed Eggplant

    A cutting board topped with slices of miso glazed eggplant .
    Recipe Tin Eats / Via

    A crowd-pleasing side dish or vegetarian main, this sweet and savory dish is made with Japanese eggplant brushed in a mixture of miso, mirin, sake, and sugar, then broiled and finished on the grill. Get the recipe for grilled miso-glazed eggplant here.

    17. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

    The Woks of Life / Via

    Tempura batter calls for just three ingredients: cake flour, freezing cold ice water, and egg yolks. Dip your veggies and shrimp in the batter then fry until golden and crispy. Get the recipe for shrimp and vegetable tempura here.

    18. Japanese Omelet

    A fork cutting a folded Japanese omelet filled with rice, chicken, and vegetables.
    Le Creme de la Crumb / Via

    If you're tired of your usual breakfast routine, mix things up with this Japanese-style omelet. It's filled with leftover rice, chicken, and veggies, making it perfectly appropriate meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get the recipe for Japanese omelet here.

    19. Beef Negimaki

    Four beef and scallion roll ups on a plate with rice and sesame seeds.
    Food Folks and Fun / Via

    These beef and scallion roll-ups are so easy to make, and they're full of deep, umami flavor. They're traditionally made with flank steak, but you can also use thinly pounded chicken or pork cutlets. Get the recipe for beef negimaki here.

    20. Chicken Udon Soup With Bok Choy

    A bowl of udon noodle soup with chicken, peeled ginger, bok choy, and carrots.
    Jessica Gavin / Via

    Imagine your classic comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup gets a Japanese flare with the help of plump udon noodles and a fragrant broth made with ginger, scallions, sake, and soy sauce. Get the recipe for chicken udon soup with bok choy here.

    21. Miso Glazed Black Cod

    A few pieces of glazed marinated cod with scallions on a serving tray.
    Closet Cooking / Via

    Black cod, also known as sablefish, is rich and fatty, almost like a bacon of the sea. Marinated with white miso, brown sugar, mirin, and sake, it's one of the most crowd-pleasing fish recipes you can find. Get the recipe for miso glazed black cod here.

    22. Chicken Yakisoba

    The Woks of LIfe / Via, The Woks of Life / Via

    A popular Japanese street food, yakisoba is basically a noodle stir fry, tossed with whatever vegetables or protein you can get your hands on and coated in a mixture of sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce. Get the recipe for chicken yakisoba here.