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    Updated on Apr 24, 2019. Posted on Jun 20, 2017

    22 Mouthwatering Photos What Will Make You Want To Book A Trip To Italy

    Ciao bella.

    1. This decadent pizza we are not worthy of.

    @draganakaurin via Instagram

    You'll find it at Pizzarium in Rome, and it's the real deal.

    2. These heaping plates of pasta.

    @_by_mimi via Instagram

    More Carbonara, please.

    3. This wonderful cone of gelato.

    @did_u_drool via Instagram

    Just look at that! Four flavors!

    4. This panini that one can only dream about.

    @iridescentsara via Instagram

    Run, don't walk, to All'Antico Vinaio for the best sandwich in all of Florence.

    5. This charcuterie platter.

    @amarieleblanc via Instagram

    BRB, turning into cured meat.

    6. Oh, and this one too.

    @the_yukka via Instagram

    This is what dreams are made of.

    7. And this gelato with a view.

    @@kvdenn via Instagram

    Food tastes better in front of the Trevi Fountain.

    8. This gnocchi that is literally swimming in a sauce of cheese and truffles.

    @freshmenfifteen via Instagram

    Mac and cheese, you've been replaced.

    9. This feast of pasta and clams in garlic sauce.

    @davidloftus via Instagram

    Meet me in Positano.

    10. And some more carbonara, just because. via Instagram

    You're drooling. It's OK.

    11. This happy hour.

    @renat4ka via Instagram

    Aperol spritzes are basically an Italian religion.

    12. And this pistachio cannoli.

    @lalessiuccia via Instagram

    Can I eat you? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    13. This plate of delicious polpo.

    @averoeats via Instagram

    Seafood tastes better when it's plucked out of the ocean in front of you.

    14. And this extravagant serving of risotto.

    @lefooding via Instagram

    Risotto primavera: It's like springtime in a bowl of pasta.

    15. This giant ball of burrata.


    OMG it's just so creamy.

    16. And this risotto bursting with shellfish.

    @lucamacellaripalmieri via Instagram

    Pairs best with a crisp glass of Pinot Gris and ocean views.

    17. And this lemon sorbet...served inside of a lemon.

    @eatwelleatgood via Instagram

    It's almost too adorable to eat.

    18. And this perfect Neapolitan pizza.

    @ireeneh via Instagram

    The Italians just do it better.

    19. This cacio e pepe.

    @lastname.ip via Instagram

    Italy: Taking mac and cheese to the next level since ancient times.

    20. This Linguine con le Vongole.

    @chubbychinesegirleats via Instagram

    It's OK to be shellfish: You're going to want to hoard this all to yourself.

    21. This decadent spread.

    @bacchedigusto via Instagram

    Fact: In Italy, prosciutto and melon is an acceptable breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    22. And this glorious pizza party.

    @martiipal via Instagram

    Byeeee, booking a flight to Italy.