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    18 Pro Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Comfort Foods (And Exactly How To Make Them)

    From Ina Garten to Marcus Samuelsson, here's what real chefs cook to keep cozy.

    Winter is the official comfort food season. And while you could probably live off of grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup, sometimes you crave something more original. So we asked pro chefs from across the country for their favorite winter meals. They explained how to make them at home and even provided the full recipes.

    1. Ina Garten: Author & Host, Barefoot Contessa

    2. Marcus Samuelsson: Red Rooster (Harlem)

    3. David Nayfeld: Che Fico (San Francisco)

    4. Chef Nina Compton: Compère Lapin & Bywater American Bistro (New Orleans)

    5. George Mendes: Aldea (New York City)

    6. Chef Kevin Fink: Emmer & Rye (Austin)

    7. Marc Vidal: Boqueria (New York City and Washington D.C)

    8. Clare de Boer & Jess Shadbolt: King (New York City)

    9. Chef Sarah Grueneberg: Monteverde (Chicago)

    10. Thomas Chen: Tuome (New York City)

    11. David Bouhadana: Sushi by Bou (New York City)

    12. Mike Lata: FIG & The Ordinary (Charleston)

    13. Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson: Frasca Food and Wine (Boulder) & Pizzeria Locale (Denver)

    14. Alex Hong: Sorrel (San Francisco)

    15. Alex Seidel: Mercantile Dining & Provision (Denver)

    16. Reem Assil: Dyafa (Oakland)

    17. Dianna Daoheung: Black Seed Bagels (New York City)

    18. Jamie Malone: Grand Cafe & Eastside (Minneapolis)