18 Surprisingly Tasty Recipes That Start With A Can Of Tuna Fish

    This humble pantry staple can go a long way.

    Canned tuna is a humble pantry staple that gets a bad rap. But it's time to think beyond simple tuna fish sandwiches and recognize the versatility of this budget-friendly, non-perishable ingredient. Here are a bunch of ways to turn a can of tuna fish into a gourmet meal you'll actually be excited to eat.

    1. Lentil and Tuna Bolognese

    2. Caprese Tuna Salad

    3. Tuna Fish Tacos With Scallion Crema

    4. Spicy Sriracha Tuna Lettuce Cups

    5. The Ultimate Tuna Melt

    6. Mediterranean Tuna Salad

    7. Tuna Pasta With Olive Oil and Garlic

    8. Mexican-Style Tuna Cakes

    9. Rainbow Poke Bowls

    10. Six-Ingredient Tuna Casserole

    11. Spicy Tuna Stuffed Avocado

    13. Spicy Tuna Quesadilla

    14. Niçoise Salad

    15. Zesty Tuna Pasta

    16. Open-Faced Tuna and Avocado Melts

    17. Tuna Casserole Stuffed Shells

    18. Tuna-Stuffed Tomatoes