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    20 Wines That Taste Expensive, But Are Actually Under $25

    Drink like a millionaire — even if you're on a budget.

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    Wine can have a pretentious reputation, but in reality, you can find delicious, balanced, and exciting bottles on just about any budget. Here are 20 bottles of wine that taste expensive, but cost $25 or less.

    1. Decoy Pinot Noir 2018

    A bottle of Decoy Pinot Noir

    We love Decoy because it's widely available and easy to get your hands on. This Sonoma Pinot Noir is full of red fruit and is exceptionally smooth. Serve it with anything from pizza to grilled veggies and drink it during any season.

    Get it from for $19.99.

    2. Goisot Aligoté 2018

    A bottle of Goisot Bourgogne Aligoté 2018.
    Vivino / Via

    It's possible you've never even heard of Aligoté, Burgundy's underrated grape. While most Burgundian whites are made from Chardonnay and can cost a pretty penny, Aligoté is a great, affordable alternative. It's crisp and mineral-driven, perfect for pairing with your summer clambake, seafood dinner, or a spicy meal.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $20).

    3. Cos Frappato 2018

    A bottle of Italian COS Frappato.
    Vivino / Via

    One of Sicily's most beloved wineries, COS produces some incredible natural wines. Frappato is a seriously underrated red wine grape that produces light, easy-drinking, fresh wines perfect for serving chilled.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $24.94).

    4. Marcel Lapierre VDF 'Raisins Gaulois' 2019

    A bottle of red Marcel Lapierre VDF 'Raisins Gaulois' 2019.
    Drizly / Via

    One sip of this red, natural wine from France's Beaujolais region and you'll be hooked. It's full of tart fruit with lots of acidity. It's the kind of sippable wine you could finish far too quickly if you're not paying attention.

    Get it from Drizly for $16.99.

    5. Brand Weissburgunder Pfalz 2018

    A bottle of white wine, Brand Weissburgunder Pfalz 2018.
    Vivino / Via

    If you're looking for the ideal picnic wine, this German Pinot Blanc is it. Enjoy it with a big cheese and charcuterie board and lots of friends on a warm summer afternoon.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $20.49).

    6. Vietti Barbera d'Asti Tre Vigne 2018

    A bottle of Vietti Barbera d'Asti Tre Vigne 2018. / Via

    Vietti winery is in Piedmont Italy, and they produce a huge range of wines from super affordable to very expensive using grapes native to the region like Nebbiolo and Barbera. If you're looking for a bargain wine that drinks like something much more expensive, this is it. It's medium-bodied, full of dark fruit flavor, and pairs with anything from grilled chicken to pasta.

    Get it from for $19.99.

    7. Christina Netzl St. Laurent

    A bottle of red Christina Netzl St. Laurent.
    Vivino / Via

    We know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it's difficult not to fall in love with this colorful, playful label. And this natural wine — a light and bright Austrian red — happens to be just as delicious as you would expect.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $21.49).

    8. Domane Wachau Federspiel Terrassen Gruner Veltliner 2019

    A bottle of white Domane Wachau Federspiel Terrassen Gruner Veltliner. / Via

    Gruner Veltliner is one of those underrated grapes that anyone on a budget should get to know. Similar to a very dry riesling, Gruner is grown predominantly in Austria. They're acidic, herbaceous, savory, and totally refreshing. If you're a fan of spicy food, which can be tough to pair, Gruner Veltliner is a great match.

    Get it from for $17.99.

    9. Lammidia Rosh Rosso

    A bottle of red Lammidia Rosh Rosso wine.
    Vivino / Via

    We're big fans of this natural winery from Abruzzo in Central Italy. These wines are everything you'd want to drink with pizza, pasta, or antipasto. The Rosh Rosso is a mix of red Montepulciano and white Trebbiano grapes. The result is an extremely juicy and fresh wine that is a serious crowd-pleaser.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $23.99).

    10. Poco a Poco Chardonnay 2018

    A bottle of white Poco a Poco Chardonnay 2018.
    Vivino / Via

    Forget all your preconceptions about Chardonnay — that it's rich and buttery and out of fashion. This Mendocino Chardonnay is anything but. It's citrusy, briny, and a little bit funky.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $19.99).

    11. CVNE Vina Real Crianza 2016

    A bottle of Spanish CVNE Vina Real Crianza 2016. / Via

    This Spanish winery is one of the most well-known in the Rioja region. This bottle is made of mostly Tempranillo grapes. It's a bit oaky with good tannins and lots of black fruit flavor. It's hearty enough to stand up to a steak but light enough to pour with appetizers or a good cheese plate.

    Get it from for $14.99.

    12. Broc Cellars Love Rosé 2019

    The bottle of rosé
    Primal Wine / Via

    Perhaps you've never heard of Valdiguié, the predominant grape in this natural rosé by Broc Cellars. This delightful summer sipper is lush and fruit-forward with a little spice and oomph to it. Gulp it down on its own or pair it with whatever seafood you're cooking.

    Get it from Primal Wine for $23.95.

    13. Descendientes de J. Palacios Pétalos 2017

    A bottle of red wine, Descendientes de J. Palacios Pétalos 2017.
    Vivino / Via

    If you're looking for great value, Spain's Bierzo region is a good spot to keep in mind. Most wines from Bierzo, like this one, are made from mostly Mencía grapes. This wine is earthy with lots of berry flavors and herbs. It's bit savory and spicy, ideal for serving at your next BBQ.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $23.99.)

    14. Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco di Sorbara Vecchia Modena

    A bottle of sparkling red Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco di Sorbara Vecchia Modena. / Via

    Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine from Italy's Emilia-Romagna region that is best served chilled. Try serving this baby with pizza. There's no better combo.

    Get it from for $17.99

    15. Folias de Baco Uivo Curtido Branco

    A bottle of white Folias de Baco Uivo Curtido Branco.
    Vivino / Via

    Portugal is known for it's easy-drinking and refreshing white wines. This wine is made from Moscatel Galego Branco grapes, but you don't really need to know that. All you need to know is that this is zesty and affordable white you'll want to enjoy while it's still warm outside.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $22).

    16. Donkey & Goat The Gallivanter 2018

    A bottle of Donkey & Goat The Gallivanter 2018.
    Mysa Wine / Via

    This red blend from Berkeley, California-based natural winery Donkey & Goat is made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Merlot, and Syrah. With its mix of fruitiness and earthiness, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, even for people who aren't typically fans of natural wine.

    Get it from Mysa Wine for $23.95.

    17. Meinklang Prosa Rosé 2019

    A bottle of Meinklang Prosa Rosé 2019.
    Vivino / Via

    This Austrian family-run winery is a leader in delicious and affordable biodynamic wines. While some of their wines verge on the funky side, the Prosa rosé is an easily like-able summer drink. Its salmon in color, made from Pinot Noir, and boasts fresh fruit flavors of strawberry and citrus.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at 22).

    18. La Boutanche Gamay 2018

    A bottle of red wine, La Boutanche Gamay 2018
    Vivino / Via

    Beaujolais is located just south of Burgundy, and most wines from the region are made from Gamay, a red wine grape that is reminiscent of Pinot Noir, but happens to be very affordable. This wine from La Boutanche is light and dry, but it still has a nice grip to it. We love serving it chilled with salmon, burgers, or salad.

    Check Vivino to see where you can order it online (starting at $21.99).

    19. Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

    A bottle of red wine, Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon. / Via

    This rich and velvety Cabernet made from Sonoma and Napa grapes is an easily accessible wine that tastes seriously fancy. It's full of dark fruit flavors like blueberry, blackberry, and plum, and it's silky and luscious. Try this bottle the next time you cook steak.

    Get it from for $18.99.

    20. Domaine Martin Chavignol Sancerre

    A bottle of white wine, Domaine Martin Chavignol Sancerre.
    Drizzly / Via

    Sancerre, a region in France's Loire Valley, is known for its white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc. Sancerres can be rather pricy, but this bottle from Domaine Martin is one of the best values around. It's everything we love about Loire whites— racy, elegant, and mineral-driven — but it won't break the bank.

    Get it from Drizly for $24.99.

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