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    People Are Sharing Their Favorite Wegmans Products (And Now I'm Sold, TBH)

    Wegmaniacs unite.

    If you've never shopped at Wegmans before, you already know it's pretty much a foodie paradise.

    So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their absolute favorite Wegmans products that everyone should stock up on. Here are some of their responses.

    1. Fresh and Frozen Pizzas

    2. Cannoli

    Wegmans is better. Cannoli dip and cannoli chips. #Indulging #GoodShit #AdultDunkaroos

    @jillycav / Via Twitter: @jillycav

    "I simply cannot let myself leave Wegmans without picking up a four-pack of the chocolate chip cannoli. You can also get a party tray of canoli shell chips served with chocolate chip mascarpone dip. It’s such a simple pleasure, but it always hits the spot." —infj1013

    3. Cream Cheese

    4. Bottled Marinades

    5. Sparkling Water

    6. Grandpa's Sauce

    7. Hummus

    8. Cereal

    9. Lemon Cream Bars

    10. Blueberry Muffins

    11. Canned Tuna Fish

    A tuna melt topped with cheese and sliced tomatoes.
    Getty Images

    "The Wegmans brand white tuna is the best canned tuna out there." —gilliang42192349f

    12. Salad Dressings


    "Wegmans's huge array of salad dressings is possibly the most overlooked section of the grocery store. The Parmesan peppercorn ranch is awesome." —laurenb78

    13. Tuscan Garlic Bread

    14. Cheese

    15. Basting Oil

    16. Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread

    17. Pesto

    18. Marinated Chicken Thighs


    "They sell chicken thighs marinated in ingredients like basil pesto, cilantro lime, and garlic parmesan. I always buy them and bake them with a quick side dish for the easiest, tastiest meal." —gabriellef47ee821aa

    19. Submarine Sandwiches

    20. Skillet Cornbread

    Getty Images

    ""Of all the delicious fresh bread at Wegmans, the skillet cornbread is the absolute best." —Khanki

    21. Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

    22. Salsa

    A jar of Wegmans brand hot salsa.

    "Wegmans boasts the only store-bought salsa my whole family loves." —sophieb49c6aece8

    Do you have a favorite Wegmans product we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below!