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    As Someone Who Has Traveled To More Than 30 Countries, I've Had Many Memorable Moments — But These Experiences Were Totally Unforgettable

    From a secret hot springs hike to an unforgettable sushi breakfast, these are some of my favorite travel memories.

    Hey, I'm Hannah, and I'm obsessed with traveling. In fact, I'm constantly saving up and accumulating precious vacation days in hopes of visiting somewhere new. I spend way too much of my time tracking the best flight deals, plotting itineraries, and daydreaming about my next adventure. I've visited over 35 countries (and there are soo many places I still have yet to see). That being said, I've been lucky to have experienced some pretty incredible travel moments. These are some of the travel highlights from around the world that I'll never, ever forget.

    A woman drinking a coconut on the side of the road

    1. Working up a sweat while hiking to hot springs outside of Reykjavik.

    A river running through a lush valley

    2. Taking a taco tour through the historic center of Mexico City.

    3. Sleeping under the stars in the remote Sahara Desert.

    A campsite and tents surrounded by dunes in the Sahara Desert

    4. Hiking from the bustling city to a tropical beach in Hong Kong.

    A man looking out onto coastal scenery

    5. Spending the night in a traditional Japanese ryokan.

    6. Floating weightlessly in the Dead Sea in Israel.

    The Dead Sea with mountains in the backdrop

    7. Pintxo hopping in San Sebastian, Spain.

    Tapas on a bar in San Sebastian.

    8. Releasing sea turtles into the ocean on a remote Indonesian island.

    A hand holding a tiny sea turtle on a beach

    9. Wine tasting with a serious view in Portugal's Douro Valley.

    A view of the Douro River in Portugal

    10. Picnicking on the banks of the Seine in Paris.

    11. Walking around the empty streets of Rome in the early morning.

    12. Hiking Mount Batur in the pitch black to see the sun rise over Bali.

    A sunrise over a volcano

    13. "Hunting" for truffles in Tuscany.

    14. Eating sushi for breakfast in Tokyo.

    A piece of tuna sushi on a plate.

    15. Trekking in 100-degree weather to a totally empty waterfall in Sumba, Indonesia.

    A woman jumping into a body of water where a man is waiting

    What is your most memorable travel experience?! Tell us all about it in the comments. (And feel free to drop your favorite travel photos, too!)