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What Was The Best New Restaurant You Tried In 2018?

'Twas a good year for food.

Did you have an incredible meal at a restaurant this year that you haven't been able to stop thinking about?

Maybe while traveling to Nashville, you had the best fried chicken of your life at Hattie B's.

Perhaps in Paris, you tried the famous pita sandwich from l'As du Fallafel, and it totally blew your mind.

Or maybe you saved up and splurged on a meal at Sushi Nakazawa, one of Manhattan's most talked-about omakase spots.

Perhaps between lots of barbecue, you stumbled upon the best breakfast sandwich of your life at Paperboy, a food trailer in Austin.

Or maybe while in Los Angeles you chowed down on a pasta you still dream about from Osteria Mozza.

So...what was the best restaurant meal you had in 2018? Tell us the name of the restaurant, the city it's in, and what you ate. If you have photos, upload them to the Dropbox below. You might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.