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    8 Online Shops To Check Out If You Want To Get Into Natural Wines

    Don't know where to begin with natural wine? These online shops will help.

    Maybe you don't know much about natural wine, or maybe you love natural wine and want to discover more delicious bottles. In any case, here are a few excellent websites that will help you find new blends, expand your horizons, and deliver them right to your door.

    First, a quick refresher course. Natural wines are super popular at the moment and one of the biggest trends in winemaking. They are essentially wines made with as little intervention as possible, made without any additives or chemicals. They're typically made on a smaller scale than other wines, and they tend to be a bit funky in flavor.

    1. Peoples Wine, a wine bar and shop in New York that curates and ships a huge selection of natural wines (including rare and hard-to-find bottles) across the country.

    A case of wine bottles sitting on a countertop, hand picked by Peoples Wine.

    2. Rock Juice, a woman-run online wine shop that acts like your personal sommelier, hand-picking wines that match your preferences.

    A selection of three-packs of wine available from Rock Juice.

    3. Dedalus Wine Shop, a Burlington, Vermont-based wine bar and shop with an online marketplace that specializes in great value bottles.

    4. MYSA Natural Wine, a woman-run online wine retailer that breaks every bottle down into terms and descriptions anyone can understand and learn from.

    5. Primal Wine, an online wine shop that ships nationwide and focuses on organic, biodynamic, and natural wines from all over the world.

    6. Wine Therapy, a Manhattan-based wine store and online shop with one of the most incredible selections of natural wines from all around the world at every imaginable price point.

    Seven bottles of wine-- reds, rosés, and whites -- from Wine Therapy on a countertop.

    7. Helen's Wines, a Los Angeles-based wine store and online shop owned by a female sommelier who stocks her shelves with small batch, rare yet affordable natural wines from around the world.

    A screenshot of the bottle shop on Helen's website.

    8. Domestique Wine, a Washington DC-based wine shop and online market that serves most US states and is entirely focused on clean and natural wines (plus spirits, beers, and ciders).

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