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    26 International Fast Food Orders That Honestly Put US Fast Food To Shame

    Later, Crunchwrap Supreme...helllooo tikka masala burrito.

    They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and that definitely applies to fast food too. After seeing what you can order at popular fast food chains outside the US, I am totally jealous. Here are 26 outrageously good international items that go above and beyond.

    The hamburger scene in Pulp Fiction.

    1. McDonald's Korea: Rich Potato Mushroom Burger

    2. KFC Philippines: Spaghetti

    3. McDonald's Vietnam: Matcha McFlurry

    A matcha McFlurry.

    4. Subway Japan: Cheese Hot Dog

    5. Taco Bell India: Tikka Masala Burrito

    6. McDonald's France: McChocoNuts

    7. Taco Bell Shanghai: Crayfish Tacos

    8. McDonald's Spain: Patatas Bravas

    9. Starbucks Korea: Avocado Blended

    10. McDonald's Indonesia: Double Cheese McFlavor Fries

    11. McDonald's Canada: Poutine

    Poutine fries from McDonald's.

    12. KFC Philippines: Chiza

    13. McDonald's Hong Kong: Eggs, Sausage, and Curly Noodles Breakfast

    McDonald's breakfast soup with a poached egg.

    14. McDonald's Spain: Croquettes

    15. KFC Philippines: Double Down Dog

    A double down hotdog inside a fried chicken bun.

    16. McDonald's Germany: Currywurst

    Currywurst from German McDonald's.

    17. McDonald's Sweden: McFalafel

    18. Starbucks Mexico: Banana Split Frappuccino

    19. Taco Bell Netherlands: Fully Loaded Fries

    20. KFC China: Twister Wrap

    21. McDonald's Taiwan: Korean McCrispy Chicken

    22. KFC Thailand: Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl

    23. McDonald's Japan: Ebi Filet-O (Shrimp Burger)

    A fillet of shrimp burger at McDonald's Japan.

    24. KFC India: Tandoori Zinger Burger

    25. Greece: GreekMac

    A GreekMac from Greece.

    26. McDonald's India: McPuff

    What's the most delicious and unique fast food order in your home country or a country you've visited? Tell us in the comments below!