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Everything You Need To Know About Sake, According To Experts

Here's what you should know about Japanese rice wine.

Maybe you've been drinking sake your entire life. Or perhaps you've never tried it before. Whatever the case, it's time to pay attention to this Japanese alcohol.

So we talked to two sake experts: Monica Samuels, sake samurai at Vine Connections and Dean Fuerth, beverage director at Manhattan's exclusive Sushi Nakazawa. They answered all our questions and broke down the basics about sake.

1. First things first: What is sake?

2. Cool, so how is sake made?

3. How should I drink it?

4. Why is some sake served hot and some served cold?

5. Are there different kinds of sake?

6. So, what are the different qualities? In other words, is there a rating system for sake?

7. Speaking of unfiltered sake, what is that?

8. What are some useful words to describe sake and one's personal taste for it?

9. Besides for Japanese food, what are some meals that go great with sake?

If you're looking for some great beginner sakes, here are Monica's and Dean's picks:

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