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    40 New York City Foods That Taste Even Better During The Fall

    Let's hear it for oversized sweater season.

    1. Mac and Cheese from Murray's Cheese Bar

    2. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal from Oatmeals

    3. Chicken Parmesan Hero from Parm

    4. Babka from Breads Bakery

    5. Brussels Sprout and Pancetta Pizza from Motorino

    6. Spicy Cumin Lamb Noodles from Xi'an Famous Foods

    7. Ricotta Ravioli in Brown Butter, Sage, and Truffle Oil from Celeste

    8. Chopped Cheese Sandwich from White Gold Butchers

    9. Pizza Bagel from Black Seed Bagels

    10. Duck Agnolotti from Fusco

    11. Any raclette from Raclette

    12. Stuffed Cabbage from Veselka

    13. Cinnamon Bun BEC (Bacon, Egg, and Cheese) from Mile End Deli

    14. Banana Bread with Espresso Mascarpone from Two Hands Cafe

    15. Peking Duck from Decoy

    16. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup from Beecher's Handmade Cheese

    17. Lamb Tagine from Claudette

    18. Soup Dumplings from Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

    19. Anton Ego from Speedy Romeo

    20. The Yam and Cheese from Court St. Grocers

    21. Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Milk from Untitled

    22. Kale and Wild Mushroom Paella from Gato

    23. Emmy Burger from Emily

    24. Chicken Biscuit from Cheeky Sandwiches

    25. Vegan Mac and Cheese from By Chloe

    26. Matzo Ball Soup From 2nd Ave Deli

    27. Grilled Cheese French Toast from Shopsin's

    28. Dulce de Leche Doughnut from Dough

    29. Grandma Chicken Mixian from Little Tong Noodle Shop

    30. Disco Tots from Queens Comfort

    31. "The Plank" from Sauce

    32. Karaka-men from Ippudo

    33. Duck Carnitas from Cosme

    34. S'mores Cookie from Chip

    35. Garganelli with Mushroom Ragu from l'Artusi

    36. Hot Chocolate from The City Bakery

    37. Fried Pork Belly Buns from 2nd City

    38. Banana Walnut Pancakes from Clinton Street Baking Company

    39. Crullers from Daily Provisions

    40. Nachos from Taqueria Diana