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    16 Luxury Airbnbs Around The World That Are Actually In Your Budget

    What are you waiting for? Book your next trip.

    If you're thinking it might be time for a vacation, let us inspire you. Here are 16 dreamy Airbnbs you can rent around the world for less than $100 per night.

    1. A private room in this dreamy Tuscan villa (from $74 per night)

    2. Or this cozy cottage in the Icelandic countryside (from $79 per night).

    3. A room in this bright apartment with a history, in Porto (from $34 per night).

    4. Or this chic loft in Barcelona (from $90 per night).

    5. Or maybe this adorable Parisian studio (from $65 per night).

    6. This totally magical treehouse in Bali (from $45 per night).

    7. Or a private room in this stunning Riad in Marrakesh (from $67 per night).

    8. This quaint New Zealand cabin with insane views (from $79 per night).

    9. This Cape Town apartment with an ocean view (from $72 per night).

    10. Or this dreamy crash pad in Havana, Cuba (from $97 per night).

    11. A room in this chic apartment with a landscaped terrace in Mexico City (from $48 per night).

    12. Or perhaps this sunny studio apartment in Sydney (from $93 per night).

    13. Or this stylish abode in Shanghai (from $79 per night).

    14. This apartment with unbeatable views in Croatia (from $68 per night).

    15. Or this stunning mountain house in Patagonia (from $81 per night).

    16. This villa among the trees in the Dominican Republic (from $88 per night).