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    Updated on Apr 17, 2020. Posted on May 1, 2017

    All '90s Babies Will Remember These 25 Nostalgic Foods

    Try getting through this without buying Lunchables.

    1. Dunkaroos

    Instagram: Massfivestar / Via Instagram: @massfivestar

    AKA glorified animal crackers in icing.

    2. Fla-Vor-Ice

    Instagram: therealflavorice / Via Instagram: @therealflavorice

    What was better than foot-long ice pops that you could sword fight with?

    3. Toaster Strudel

    Instagram: Glenfowlerfitness / Via Instagram: @glennfowlerfitness

    You probably ate these whenever Mom was too lazy to make breakfast...which was far too often.

    4. Wonder Balls

    Instagram: Mschae21 / Via Instagram: @mschae21

    Apparently these prize-filled balls were a serious choking hazard, but they were fun while they lasted.

    5. Ellio's Pizza

    Instragram: Nickjonesesq / Via Instagram: @nickjonesesq

    PSA: Add a little garlic and red pepper flakes and you can turn Ellio’s frozen pizza into some quality stuff.

    6. Uncrustables

    Instagram: Livingluxuriouslyforless / Via Instagram: @livingluxuriouslyforless

    TBH this is the most genius invention of all time. Why do any sandwiches have crust?

    7. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

    Instragram: Layzielayz / Via Instagram: @layzielayz

    After causing about a billion cavities and a trillion sugar-induced temper tantrums, this wonderful cereal finally went extinct.

    8. Linden's Cookies

    Instagram: Unithaluni / Via Instagram: @unithaluni

    For some reason Famous Amos still gets the spotlight, but these were legit.

    9. Ouch! Gum

    Instagram: Spinklemelovely_ / Via Instagram: @sprinklemelovely_

    Just what the doctor ordered.

    10. Gushers/Fruit Roll-Ups/Fruit By The Foot

    Instagram: Metalheadmunchkin08 / Via Instagram: @metalheadmunchkin08

    You had at least one of these three fruit snacks in your lunch box every. damn. day.

    11. Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal

    Instagram: Welovethe90s_ / Via Instagram: @welovethe90s_

    Literally what could be cooler than a T. rex hatching in your oatmeal?

    12. Squeezit

    Instagram: Welovethe90s_ / Via Instagram: @welovethe90s_

    Truthfully don't even want to know what chemicals were in this.

    13. Oreo O's

    Instagram: Nobody_hj / Via Instagram: @nobody_hj

    This isn't cereal. It's crack.

    14. French Toast Crunch

    Instagram: Mangosteen73 / Via Instagram: @mangosteen73

    OK, so it's decided. The '90s was the greatest cereal decade of all time. Hands down.

    15. Sprinkl'ins Yogurt

    Instragram: Retrostorage / Via Instagram: @retrostorage

    They turned your yogurt into tie-dye sugar and it was freaking awesome.

    16. Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks

    Instagram: Nb_kinda_girl / Via Instagram: @nb_kinda_girl

    Let's be honest: You never, ever shared the blue gummy.

    17. Handi-Snacks

    Instagram: Sheisnikki / Via Instagram: @sheisnikki

    Still sold at your local CVS, in case you were wondering.

    18. String Things

    Instagram: X_Gabbie_X / Via Instagram: @x__gabbie__x

    Admit you were always disappointed when Mom packed you a String Thing instead of the usual Gushers.

    19. Lunchables

    Instagram: whati8b4i8it

    The OG of lunchbox food. No shame if you still buy these from time to time.

    20. Kudos

    Youtube / Via

    They were just candy bars disguised as granola.

    21. Jell-O Pudding Bites

    Instagram: 90sgirlvibes / Via Instagram: @90sgirlvibes


    22. EZ Squirt Ketchup

    Instagram: officialwiztid / Via Instagram: @officialtwiztid

    Even a diehard ketchup lover probably gets a little queasy looking at this godforsaken condiment.

    23. Fudge Stripes

    Instagram: Giuila_mangano / Via Instagram: @giulia_mangano

    Unclear why these ever went out of fashion.

    24. Dippin' Dots

    Instagram: Amber_stiffler / Via Instagram: @amber_stiffler

    How did these stay frozen in the cup and melt on any other surface? Looking for answers.

    25. Gummy Hamburgers

    Instagram: Arvi_pasha / Via Instagram: @arvi.pasha

    Fact: Nothing is more adorable than mini gummy food.