30 Insanely Delicious NYC Eats To Try Before Winter Ends

    How many can you check off your list?

    1. Chocolate Chip Cooking from BESFREN

    2. Lasagna For Two from Don Angie

    3. S'mores Dip from Blank Slate

    4. Honey Chicken Biscuit from Bobwhite Counter

    5. Spinach Pie Twice Baked Croissant from Supermoon Bakehouse

    6. Hot Cocoa from The City Bakery

    7. So-Ramyun from JeJu Noodle Bar

    8. Whole Roasted Cauliflower from Minzon

    9. Pastrami, Egg, and Cheese from White Gold Butchers

    10. Lasagna from I Sodi

    11. Eggplant Carpaccio at Nur

    12. Toasted Coconut Sundae from Uncle Boons

    13. Grandma Chicken Mixian from Little Tong Noodle Shop

    14. Baked Pasta from Zero Otto Nove

    15. Korean Popcorn Chicken from Thursday Kitchen

    16. "Su Bu Ni" Roast Duck from DaDong

    17. Mont Royal from Mile End Deli

    18. Tonkotsu Ramen from Jin Ramen

    19. Dim Sum Sampler from Dim Sum Go Go

    20. Roast Beef Po' Boy from The Gumbo Bros

    21. Matcha Cream Puff from Bibble & Sip

    22. Mac and Cheese from Root & Bone

    23. Almond Croissant from Breads Bakery

    24. Pho Bac from Hanoi House

    25. The Emmy Burger from Emily

    26. The Don Angie Bialy from Black Seed Bagels

    27. Calzone Napletano from Sorbillo

    28. Burrata with Salsa Verde from Estela

    29. Shakshuka from Balaboosta

    30. Pork Buns from Momofuku Noodle Bar

    What's your favorite NYC food to eat during winter? Let us know in the comments!