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23 Better-For-You Desserts That Are Sneakily Made With Vegetables

Bye kale salad. Hello avocado ice cream.

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2. Beet Dark Chocolate Scones

Combined with maple syrup, vanilla extract and coconut oil, puréed beets give these dessert scones a slightly sweet flavor and tender inside. Plus, they're awfully pretty. Get the recipe.


6. Coconut Avocado Popsicles

Blend avocado with honey and coconut milk then freeze the mixutre in popsicle molds. They'll be ready to devour whenever your sweet tooth kicks in. Get the recipe.

7. Sweet Potato Doughnuts With Spiced Sugar

Mashed sweet potatoes are the dough for these bite-sized sweets. They get a flavor kick from cinnamon-sugar, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom. Get the recipe.


11. Root Vegetable Tart Tatin

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This upside down fruit pastry is usually made with apples, but this version, which features roasted root veggies, caramel, and goat cheese might be even better than the classic. Get the recipe.


12. Avocado Key Lime Cheesecake

No cheese here: Just creamy avocado and tangy key lime juice baked into an irresistible crust made of pecans, almonds, and dates. Get the recipe.

14. Sweet Potato Skillet Brownies

In lieu of oil, this recipe calls for sweet potato purée. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than eating dessert from a cast-iron skillet? Get the recipe.

15. Roasted Sweet Corn Popsicles

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It might sound weird, but one taste and you'll become a believer. All you need is sweet corn on the cob, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and agave nectar to make this refreshing, frozen treat. Get the recipe.


19. Ube Swirl Bread

If you've never heard of ube, it's a bright purple yam that's popular in Filipino cooking. In this sweet-and-savory loaf, ube, condensed milk, and coconut milk make a delicious bread filling. Get the recipe.


21. Cauliflower Rice Pudding

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Sweetened with coconut cream, almond milk, and cinnamon, you'd never guess you're eating cauliflower rice. Top it with anything from toasted nuts and berries to caramel and chocolate chips. Get the recipe.

22. Sweet Corn Creme Brûlée

If you have leftover corn on the cob from your summer BBQ, whip up this five-ingredient recipe. Get the recipe.