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    21 Thoughtful Gifts Perfect For The Food-Obsessed Person In Your Life

    It's the thought that counts...but a great gift never hurt.

    1. A noodle bowl and chopsticks set to make their ramen dreams come true.

    2. An acacia mortar and pestle to make guacamole, grind spices, crush herbs, or whip up pesto.

    3. A set of infused olive oils to give their cooking a flavor boost.

    4. A stylish, cast-ion dutch oven to get them excited about cooking at home.

    5. A pair of food-inspired socks to keep them cozy all winter.

    6. A Himalayan salt block to upgrade their grilling game.

    7. A copy of Season, which is full of creative and super flavorful recipes.

    8. A Murray's cheese of the month subscription filled with delicious finds from France, Italy, and more.

    9. A variety of spicy Gochujang sauces to heat things up a notch in the kitchen.

    10. A set of teas from around the world so they can taste the flavors of Sri Lanka, India, China, and beyond without leaving their living room.

    11. A subscription to SQIRL's bi-monthly jam club that will make every breakfast taste infinitely better. / Via Facebook: SQIRLLA

    Get a four-month subscription for $60, a six-month subscription for $90, or a year-long subscription for $180 from SQIRL.

    12. A chic checkered apron to bring out their inner chef.

    13. A Sriracha to-go bottle keychain so no meal will ever be flavorless.

    14. A cute food-inspired poster to decorate their kitchen walls.

    15. A Goldbelly box that will transport them to their favorite restaurant in their favorite city — no matter where they are.

    16. A set of salts from around the world like black sea salt from Cyprus and Spanish saffron salt.

    17. A subscription to a worldwide treats box, loaded with creative snacks from all over the globe.

    18. A complete sushi making kit to turn them into the next Jiro.

    19. A smart garden so they can grow their favorite herbs right in the kitchen.

    20. A membership to Wine Awesomeness so they can try new wines from all around the globe and learn food pairing tips.

    21. A copy of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat to teach them the fundamental elements of amazing cooking.