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    Updated on Feb 17, 2019. Posted on Dec 22, 2017

    16 Crimes Against Pizza That'll Make You Say WHY???

    Shame on you people.

    1. This pizza topped with Peeps.

    @rawrodgers via Instagram / Via

    Even on Easter, this is sacrilegious.

    2. And this baked bean situation.

    fightntomato / Via

    You could not pay me to put this in my mouth.

    3. This cheese slice that's been perverted by strawberries.

    @philfromchico via Instagram / Via

    Just why?

    4. And this inedible looking rainbow slice.

    @findthespots via Instagram / Via

    It looks like a unicorn vomited all over the cheese.

    5. How about this seafood pizza?

    @mrbasso82 via Instagram / Via

    OK at the very least, they could have de-shelled the prawns.

    6. And this paella pie.

    @matthewdjones via Instagram / Via

    There are certainly better ways to eat shellfish.

    7. This cold, sad cheese slice.

    @thisisinsider via Twitter / Via Twitter: @i

    Was this a conscious decision? It takes legit one minute to melt cheese.

    8. And this pie topped with mandarin oranges.

    @__verash via Instagram / Via

    So. Slimy.

    9. Avert your eyes from this candy corn catastrophe.


    What monster decided to do this?

    10. And this pickle-studded slice.

    @moheganmike via Instagram / Via


    11. What sociopath who decided to put peanut butter on his leftovers?

    @justjasonlee via Instagram / Via

    Peanut butter tastes good on almost anything, but that's fucked up man.

    12. This sad excuse for a "salad" slice

    @ruthiesbbq via Instagram / Via

    When trying to eat healthy goes very wrong.

    13. And this curious looking spaghetti slice.

    @xoxo.char.wolverton via Instagram / Via

    Surely there is a better noodle to put on top of pizza. Baked ziti, anyone?

    14. This pizza that has been taken over by anchovies.

    @clarknoblek via Instagram / Via

    That's about 10 too many tiny hairy fish.

    15. This hot dog pizza.

    @yourstrulymegs via Instagram / Via

    Things have gone too far.

    16. And this avocado slice.

    @jrvandusen via BuzzFeed / Via

    Was avocado toast not enough for you hipsters?