20 Reasons You Wish You Were At Hogwarts During Halloween

And why you hope that your letter just got lost in the mail.

1. Butterbeer

The recipe for a perfect tankard of butterbeer includes butterscotch, coziness, a few drops of scarf weather and a pinch of friendship. And probably a bit of alcohol. Forget Oktoberfest!

2. Not even having to use your hands to put food in your mouth

No sticky fingers.

3. No “wizard academy” costumes

Despite the authenticity

4. Friends willing to fight anyone who encroaches on your family-style feasting territory

6. The ambiance

Jack-o-lanterns, real ghosts, and a troll in the dungeon.

7. A choir with toads singing “Something Wicked this Way Comes”

8. Trips to Hogsmeade

For to drink more butterbeer.

9. No wasting precious sickles and knuts on fake haunted houses

10. No need to tread softly around muggles who hate Halloween

11. Perfect opportunities to sneak into the Restricted Section while everyone’s feasting

12. And for slipping a Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes love potion into your crush’s candy

13. Polyjuice potion: better than any costume

Even though it looks like brown bogies and contains human hair…

14. Sweets so good you forget you’re not magically exempt from getting fat…until you remember

15. And of course, good friends to rely on when the overeating shame-fest hits

16. Channeling your sugar rush into rooting for your quidditch team

17. A chance to work off all the calories with a good adventure and some well-earned bruises

18. All the other ways you can work off the extra calories (snogging)

19. Eye candy as well as real candy

20. Relief from the daily frustration of not being at Hogwarts

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