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    Updated on Aug 31, 2020. Posted on Oct 1, 2016

    Nutritional Yeast Isn't Gross, It's Amazing

    That's right, it's called nutritional yeast and if you don't like it I'll fight you.

    Gather round, children: It's time to talk about nutritional yeast.

    Mona Makela / Getty Images

    This is a mountain of nutritional yeast. It's a delicious mountain of savoury goodness. You may have heard of it, and eaten it, and loved it. Or maybe you haven't tried it or haven't eaten it or haven't loved it, because you are wrong.

    Sure, "nutritional yeast" is a less than stellar name for a delicious food. The name might make you think, "sounds like vagina".


    But it's not vagina. It's dead yeast. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to be exact.

    Sure, the word "yeast" might make you itchy (lol) but if you think yeast itself is always gross, stop eating bread and drinking beer tbh. / Via

    (Seriously stop eating this bread though.)

    ANYWAY, the boring reason to eat nooch (the cool kids call it nooch) is that it's good for you, and not just if you're a vegan looking for a cheese approximation (we get it, you're vegan).

    Defiant4good / Getty Images

    This shit is rich in protein, sodium-free, and often fortified with vitamin B12, the sexiest of the B vitamins.

    But the better reason to eat nutritional yeast, seen here after a terrible nooch accident, is that it tastes nice.

    Defiant4good / Getty Images

    It's hard to describe what it tastes like, because it just tastes like nutritional yeast. Some people say it tastes like cheese, which it kind of does, but what it really tastes like is the word savoury itself. It's just...savoury.

    Nooch comes in a couple different forms. You can get it as a powder.

    Olgamiltsova / Getty Images

    Mmm, powder.

    Or you can get it flakier.

    Aga7ta / Getty Images

    Mmm, flakier.

    But whichever kind you get, you may not quite be sure what the fuck to do with it, and that's OK cause it's a weird confusing powder.


    Let's learn.

    First of all, you can use it to make dairy-free mac 'n' cheese.

    Stockstudios / Getty Images

    Get a recipe for that here.

    You can put it on kale chips if you're a bit of a twat.

    Sharon Foelz / Getty Images

    (A delicious, healthy twat – find a recipe here.)

    Sharon Foelz / Getty Images

    You can put that shit in mash.

    You can put that shit on popcorn.

    You can put that shit on fancy-ass pizza.

    Put that shit on everything, okay?

    BuzzFeed / Via


    The recipe for nutritional yeast toast is to put nurtitional yeast on toast.

    Put it on toast in the morning. Put it on toast at lunch.

    Make it fancy and avocado-y.

    In conclusion, the key to a better life is to put nutritional yeast on toast and then put it in your mouth.

    Then tell your friends to do the same, unless you hate your friends.

    There you go. You're welcome.


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