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    Hey Olympics Lawyers, Can You Find The Olympic Rings In These Pictures?

    If you love suing people for trademark infringement so much, you gonna sue these dogs or what?

    Hey International Olympic Committee, if you care about protecting your precious trademarked rings, why don't you sue this dog then?

    Carl Court / Getty Images

    One of his glassy little eyes has the Olympic rings in it. Take a look. Can you see them? They're mostly transparent, but not completely. They're definitely there.

    You gonna sue him or what?

    Uh oh, what's this little doggie smelling?

    Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

    Could it be the sweet scent of hundreds of IOC lawyers coming to sue his lil doggy face for trademark infringement? Cause those rings are basically invisible but definitely there!

    Ha ha, silly dog, we can see you! There's nowhere to hide from the long arm of the law.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    Not even if the rings are really well hidden and only set to 5% opacity on Photoshop.

    Why so guilty, pup? Could it be that you are snuggling up in a blanket that secretly contains the snuggly wuggly Olympic rings? Cause your ass is getting sued, dog.

    Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

    Can you see the lil snuggly rings, lawyers, or did they not teach you looking for lil snuggly rings in "law school"???

    Wow this dog isn't looking great, must be hard to pay for grooming when you've been bankrupted by the IOC for wearing a collar with tiny, invisible, but 100% trademarked Olympic rings.

    Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Images

    Sucks to be you, dog!


    Pool / Getty Images

    See you in debtors' prison, Bo, with all the other doggies who didn't read page 5 of the IOC's "Editorial Use of the Olympic Properties by Media Organisations" guidelines, which stipulates that "the Olympic rings cannot be altered or

    distorted, or used in a way that is not relevant to the

    piece or the context they are used for."

    WOW this dog must have a crack team of lawyers to be sitting there surrounded by 11 nearly completely transluscent sets of trademarked Olympic rings like that.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    You've been a very bad boy, pup.

    Hey IOC lawyers, has this silly doggy been silly in the eyes of the law?

    Yes, he has been very silly, both with his silly tie, and his silly tie's completely unprovable disregard for intellectual property rights.

    Was this dog's real mistake eating bees, or was it catching the litigious eye of the International Olympic Committee by posing with some very well-hidden Olympic rings?

    Trick question: it was both.

    Wow, there's something naughty going on in this photo, and we're not talking about the llama threesome.

    We're talking about the high potential for litigation due to three cleverly concealed trademarked logos in a photo of a dog looking sad at a llama orgy.

    OK last one, lawyer friends: Which of these fluffy dogs is in violation of the IOC's strict trademark protections?

    Twitter: @photogenic_dogs

    You'll need a keen eye and a long, long time to find him. Good luck!

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