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    21 Witches In Art History Who Are Actually You On Your Period

    Curse the entire world. Curse it.

    1. This witch knows her period is coming soon because of the wrath coursing through her body.

    2. This witch just got hit with a killer cramp and is trying to find a position to relieve the pain.

    3. This witch is begging her co-workers for painkillers.

    "Please, Marion, I know you have Ibuprofen in your desk drawer."

    4. This witch just realised there's no bin in her office toilet.

    5. This witch needs everyone around her to shut the fuck up for once in their lives.

    6. This witch is exhausted at the thought of leaving her house.

    7. These witches live in a houseshare and their periods have all synched up, so it's a bit of a shitshow every month.

    8. This witch is brewing up several gallons of tea to help her through this difficult time.

    9. These witches are helping out their friend with her back pain.

    10. These witches have brewed up some seriously powerful painkillers.

    "Mmmmmmmm yes, I feel nothing now."

    11. This witch needs to be left the fuck alone.

    12. This witch has been hiding in a fortress of blankets for 36 hours.

    13. This witch bought herself a pile of trashy mags to help take her mind off things.

    14. This young witch is suffering some evil cramps, but luckily her cool aunt is there to give advice.

    15. This witch made a huge mistake coming to work in her condition.

    16. This witch is clotting like mad.

    17. These witches are so bloated they can't get their jeans on.

    18. This witch just sneezed and is worrying about the consequences.


    19. These witches don't understand why they get so horny on their periods.

    20. This witch is riding a goat backwards, cursing everyone in fucking sight.

    21. This witch is finally finished and couldn't be more relieved.