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21 Witches In Art History Who Are Actually You On Your Period

Curse the entire world. Curse it.

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1. This witch knows her period is coming soon because of the wrath coursing through her body.

"Podgers Catching a Witch" engraving by J Simpson / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

"I hate everybody, especially you."

2. This witch just got hit with a killer cramp and is trying to find a position to relieve the pain.

Water-ordeal. Engraving. XVII. / Wethersfield Historical Society / Via / Creative Commons



4. This witch just realised there's no bin in her office toilet.

Detail from "Sextus Pompeius consulting Erichtho before the Battle of Pharsalia" by John Hamilton Mortimer / Via / Creative Commons

"Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do with all of this then?"


8. This witch is brewing up several gallons of tea to help her through this difficult time.

John William Waterhouse - Magic Circle / Via / Creative Commons

She knows caffeine can make things worse, but Lord knows she deserves a hot drink right about now.

9. These witches are helping out their friend with her back pain.

Baldung hexen ca1514 / Via / Creative Commons

"Literally just put your full weight on my back. Just stand on me – ohhhh god, yes, that's helping."


14. This young witch is suffering some evil cramps, but luckily her cool aunt is there to give advice.

The Young Sorceress oil on canvas 1857 / Via / Creative Commons

"Straight to bed with a hot water bottle, dearie."


19. These witches don't understand why they get so horny on their periods.

Johann Heinrich Füssli / Via / Creative Commons

They know it doesn't make evolutionary sense, but they may as well enjoy themselves one way or another.