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What's The Coolest Youth Hostel You've Stayed In While Traveling?

Have you stayed in a jumbo jet or a tree house?

As anyone who's ever stayed in one will know, not all youth hostels are created alike. Sometimes, you get this:

And sometimes, you find yourself in a place like this:


Thankfully, there are plenty of completely amazing hostels out there, where you can both save money and have a ~crazy cool experience~.

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Like Kadir's Tree Houses in Olympos, Turkey, where you can go diving by day, and at night, sleep in a damn TREE HOUSE.

Or the Radeka Downunder Backpackers Inn, where you can sleep in underground tunnels to escape heat of the Australian Outback.

Or Jumbo Stay in Sweden, where you can stay in an actual grounded jumbo jet.

Before you set out on a hosteling adventure, it's good to have some solid recommendations.

Tell us in the comments below about the coolest hostel you've ever stayed in, and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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