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Brits Tried To Guess The Meaning Of Thanksgiving Traditions And They Were Pretty Baffled

A turducken is when a turkey and a duck love each other very much.

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1. What's this kid dressed as?

Mcininch / Getty Images


"A cast member of Stephen King's Children of the Corn."

"A Puritan who works at Whole Foods."

"Hanks Giving, the spirit of the season, who visits every home on Thanksgiving Eve and leaves a bunch of corn under everyone's bed."

"The spirit of colonialism."

(What he actually is: a Pilgrim.)

2. What's happening here?

Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

"Obama is pardoning a turkey (I know this because of The West Wing, when the turkey got locked in CJ's office)."

"That is the Obama family watching the Republican presidential debates."

"Turkey's dying wish was to meet the president (that's what I would want)."

"Obama is about to slaughter a chicken in front of his kids as some sort of dad power move."

(What it actually is: The official White House pardoning of the turkey. This turkey gets to live.)

3. What's happening here?

Mario Tama / Getty Images

"Pretty sure that's the Rapture?"

"A mass exodus to McDonald's (presumably for some chicken nuggets)."

"The celebration of America's only true religious holiday, in which idols in the shape of the American High Deities, or 'Corporations,' are paraded through the city as their worshippers, or 'Citizens' look on in ecstasy. Finally, one Corporation must be cast from the high temple of the FTSE 500 and be summarily executed, before the body is devoured in the streets, to symbolically prove that, in fact, all corporations are people."


(What it is: The annual Macy's Day Parade in New York City.)

4. Name everything on this plate.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

"Chicken, roast chicken, more chicken, kale, maybe some rice, some toffee apple, some mistakes, maybe a dollop of olive oil, green tea, a bottle of white wine, what was left in the sink and some peas."

"Heart disease. Liver failure. Regret. Yams."

"Turkey, apple sauce, various other upsetting things."

"Some peas. Maybe some turkey. Some sort of faintly radioactive sludge. Some peppers. Maybe? Is that a bit of cake? Is there cake in there? Why is there cake? I don't know what the orange thing is but I'm 80% sure it's illegal."

(What it actually is: Pure deliciousness.)

5. What's this?

Deeauvil / Getty Images

"Some kind of horrifying demon."

"A sign that assures you you're allowed to eat the turkey with your hands."


"A shit drawing of a Turkey, try harder, child."

(What it actually is: What every American child is forced to draw and bring home to their parents around Thanksgiving.)

6. Why are these people cheering?

Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

"The 2015 World Silly Hat Championships."

"They have successfully burned a witch!"

"For more turkey."

"These people are cheering at a witch burning and they are wearing Mardi Gras beads because it is a very exciting occasion."

(What it actually is: Football fans watching a Thanksgiving Day game.)

7. What are these people doing?

Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

"Celebrating their ancestry by enjoying the traditional British pasttime of queuing."

"Oh god are they queuing for a sale? They're queuing for a sale, aren't they? They've got branded Best Buy hats on. Gaddamit, late-stage capitalism."

"Waiting for the 305 bus to Lewisham."

"Queuing for a sale in the desperate hope that discounted electronics will fill a gaping hole in their lives."

(What it actually is: People ready to do some Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving Day.)

8. What's this?

Jerryb7 / Getty Images

"The reason for all that pumpkin spiced bullshit."

"A pumpkin tart."

"An orange pie."

"A pie that appears to made of cheetos."

(What it actually is: Delicious pumpkin pie!)

9. What's a turducken?

Paramount Pictures / Via

"A turkey-duck crossbreed."

"That's when Americans go all Human Centipede on their foods."

"When a turkey and a duck love each other very much."

"I don't understand why anyone would put a turd in Thanksgiving dinner."

(What it actually is: A duck inside of a chicken inside of a turkey, of course.)

10. Bonus quesiton: What are you thankful for?


"Donald Trump can never be elected in the UK."

"The longstanding bond of friendship with our American cousins, glossing over that regrettable incident when you ruined some perfectly good tea by throwing it in a harbour. (You still owe us some tea though.)"

"The Atlantic Ocean."