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    17 Ways To Keep Your Home Cosy This Winter

    Winter is coming. Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to keep out the cold.

    1. Make a draught excluder to block the gap under your door.

    There are seemingly endless ways on Pinterest to make a DIY draught stopper for doors and windows. You can create almost anything, from an adorable doggie doorstopper to a no-nonsense foam tube.

    2. Your home also loses heat through the floor – so cover it up with a rug.

    3. Let in the low winter light.

    4. Stop heat loss through windows with DIY bubblewrap insulation.

    5. Or, if you've popped all your bubblewrap, use simple plastic sheeting and a hairdryer.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    This heavily pregnant Australian woman will show you how.

    6. Once you're properly insulated, turn your thermostat down to save money.

    7. Make use of leftover oven heat – but only once it's off.

    8. Block draughts from ceiling vents with sticky plastic.

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    This same amazing Australian woman will show you how.

    9. Use draught-sealing tape on internal doors.

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    Seriously, someone give this lady a DIY show.

    10. Find draughts around your windows, vents, and door frames.

    11. Insulate your electrical outlets.

    12. Put your ceiling fan on reverse.

    13. Don't drain your bath or shower water until it's cooled down.

    14. Make a DIY radiant heater from terracotta flowerpots and tealights.

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    There are plenty of different tutorials online with slightly varying methods, but the basic idea is that a couple of flowerpots over a couple of tealights can heat up a whole room for almost nothing.

    As with any candles, don't leave your heater unattended, and be careful not to burn yourself – you wouldn't touch a space heater, would you?

    15. Just say no to portable, gas, electric, space, and fan heaters.

    16. Line the back of your fireplace with aluminum foil or a fireback.

    17. And of course, don't forget the warming power of a big woolly jumper!