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27 Ways "Harry Potter" Prepared You For Your Adult Life

Everything you know about life you probably learned from Harry Potter.

1. Harry Potter taught us that looks can be deceiving. People who look nice can be downright evil.

2. And people who seem awful at first can turn out to be fundamentally good.

3. Bravery might not look like you thought it would, either.

4. Also, you shouldn't believe everything you read in a newspaper.

5. And don't expect those in charge to always know what the hell they're talking about either.

Just because someone's Minister for Magic, doesn't mean he's not a bit of an idiot.

6. Nothing breaks a tense moment like a good sense of humour.

7. And it's really only you who can choose your own fate.

8. Sometimes you'll fuck up in life, but your true friends will forgive you.

9. Hermione taught us the importance of proper pronunciation.

10. And that it's possible to enunciate too much.

11. Of course, Hermione also taught us how to be a boss witch.

12. And what to do when it's ~your moment~.

13. But also that boys are the worst and usually ruin everything.

14. It reminded us that our parents will always be our fiercest defenders.

15. But sometimes we have to be the ones to protect them.

16. The same goes for our heroes.

17. It taught us that our idols aren't morally perfect.

18. We learned from Harry Potter that some people are dickheads, but it might be because they're frightened.

19. And that you should never get too obsessed with power, or vengeance, or a wand.

20. Someone who seems batshit insane can probably understand the world better than you ever will.

21. And is probably too busy living their best life to care what you think.

22. It also taught us what to do when we're down.

23. And about grieving.

24. Harry Potter pretty much taught us how to feel.

25. How to feel pretty much every feel that it is possible to feel.

26. Most importantly, it gave you some serious squad goals.

27. And taught you what to look for in a friend.