19 Tweets That Will Make All Brits Say "In Retrospect, 2015 Was A Pretty OK Year"

    Is it too soon to have nostalgia for 2015 UK politics? Probably.

    1. Hey. Remember 2015?

    ed miliband: "any questions?" guy at the back: "SHOW US WHAT YOU'D LOOK LIKE USING A HUGE TOOTHBRUSH"

    2. It wasn't that long ago, and yet it could not feel further away from January 2017.

    When your mate waves at you and you don't realise you're live on TV

    3. As Theresa May meets President Donald Trump, just think back for a second about what we considered completely impossible in 2015.

    Corbyn about to pop a House of Cards monologue right through the fourth wall

    "Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader? Wow, what a wild time, nobody will ever forget 2015."

    4. We were so innocent then. The news was more innocent.

    Unconfirmed reports of the Prime Minister having a “secret tiny left arm” are coming in. Huge if true.

    We didn't know what real news was.

    5. The cast of political characters seems so pure in retrospect.

    Young Ed Miliband looks like all the Inbetweeners at once.


    Here's SNP MP Owen Thompson MP saying generections instead of generations. That's all. As you were. #GenErections

    7. US–UK diplomatic relations were simpler, right?

    8. Yes, 2015's harmless delights were endless.

    We'll never forget that happy day in September, when all was well in the world.

    9. It was when Ed Miliband said he was tough enough.

    Today I am mostly feeling tough enough #BattleForNumber10

    10. And thrilled the ladies.

    The stripper had just arrived for @nicolab13 hen do..! #EdMiliband

    11. And also the teens.

    12. Even Nick Clegg was still a thing. How little we knew.

    Clegg: On the mouth? Fish Monger: If you want my vote, then yeah. Clegg: Tongues? Fish monger: Of course with tongues

    13. In 2015, UK politics were highly relatable.

    when u try to talk to girls in the club but they're with their squad

    14. Politicians didn't take themselves too seriously.

    Walk onto holborn tube escalator. Man shouts ' oh my god it's Nick Clegg'... Hmmm not exactly

    I mean they probably did, but not like 2017 serious.

    15. Was it actually stressful, and we've just forgotten? Or was it actually this cutely embarrassing?

    Ed Miliband has the most heartwarmingly clueless reaction to finding out what yolo means (ht @TimeOutLondon) #GE2015

    16. In the olden days of 2015, when politicians fucked up, it made you cringe a bit and not huddle in fear, right?


    17. And when they "talked tough" it wasn't genuinely scary?

    Ed Miliband calling out David Cameron like... #Election2015

    Ed Miliband's famous "then debate me one-on-one" didn't really make us think "oh my god the world is ending and we're all going to die" the way most news does in 2017 tbh.

    18. We'll always have 2015 in our memories and our hearts.

    Incredible scenes. A man in the Youth Parliament tries far too hard to get the speaker's attention and decks it.

    19. If only we could go back.

    Everyone fucking stop everything. Ed Milibands grown a fucking beard 😍😍