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    25 Times Tom Hiddleston Stared Deep Into Your Soul

    He's looking right at you, and only at you, always and forever.

    1. When he chased you around the garden with a red ribbon.

    2. When you were leaving in a helicopter, and he missed you already.

    3. When you told a great joke.

    4. When he took a quick break from being a Norse god look deeply into your eyes.

    5. When he worried whether you really, truly love him.

    6. When he was a bit tired from working out, but looked into your soul anyway.

    7. When he knew exactly what you were thinking.

    8. When he remembered one of the many, hilarious inside jokes you share.

    9. When you had all the same opinions about great literature.

    10. When he was looking. Right. At. You.

    11. When he went in for the snog.

    12. When he was just hanging out with Tilda Swinton.

    13. When he signed his name on your face.

    14. When you hated the same people.

    15. When he knew exactly what you needed, and it was a little dance.

    16. When he felt bad that he couldn't bring you as a date on the red carpet, because it was too soon in your relationship, and didn't want to put you through the media circus just yet.

    17. When he was worried if you'd like the present he got you.

    18. When he wanted to check if you were OK.

    19. If you were really, really OK.

    20. When he sent you a very important message via this red carpet interview.

    It was very important, and it was just for you.

    21. When he could tell that you were lying, but forgave you.

    22. When he singled you out of a crowd of screaming fangirls to blow a kiss.

    23. During this montage, over and over, forever.

    24. When he sang you a song.

    25. When he silently communicated that you would be together, forever.

    Thank you, Tom Hiddleston.