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    Posted on Sep 18, 2015

    24 Times Tumblr Felt Things For Jeremy Corbyn

    "Protect Jeremy at all costs."

    1. When they made this confession.

    2. And this, er, honest one.

    3. When they shared this depiction of the scenes when Corbyn won in the first round.

    4. And this prediction of things to come.

    5. When they invited Jez to a nice evening in.

    6. When they coined this inspirational saying.

    7. When they drew this portrait of Jez in what is probably his natural habitat – covered in cats.

    8. When they made this excellent suggestion.

    9. When they didn't worry too much about the media.

    10. When they gave Andy Burnham credit where credit is due.

    11. When they shared a disgraceful (but true) pun.

    12. When they showed how to shut down nonbelievers, and also dads.

    13. When they explained why Jeremy looks to camera so much.

    14. When they said the thing we're all thinking.

    15. When they shared this insight into Jez's personal life.

    16. When they summed up the moment you realise it's gone too far.

    17. Like, way too far.

    18. When they set the record straight.

    19. When David Cameron got involved and it looked like this.

    20. And made them feel like this.

    21. And react like this.

    22. When they gave you #DesktopBackgroundGoals.

    23. And Saturday night goals.

    24. And put out a call to action for Corbyn fangirls everywhere.

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