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18 Medieval Paintings That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Labour Supporter

Everything hurts.

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1. When you make a lighthearted joke about the Labour party online and the commenters come at you. / Creative Commons

"I didn't mean it, guys. I swear!" / Creative Commons

2. When you throw a party and someone brings up Jeremy Corbyn's electability and it all goes to shit. / Creative Commons

3. When you get trapped in the middle of a Jeremy Corbyn argument and you just wish you were in bed. / Creative Commons

"Just let me have one moment of peace." / Creative Commons

4. When it's past midnight and people are still arguing about Jeremy Corbyn so you just keep drinking. / Creative Commons

5. When you express an unpopular opinion at a family gathering. / Creative Commons

And you're just like, "I should have known what would come of this." / Creative Commons

6. When you're the only person you know who supports Owen Smith. / Creative Commons

7. When you meet Jeremy and get a selfie. / Creative Commons

8. When Brexit trampled on your heart. / Creative Commons

9. When you tell some die-hards you're not even going to vote this time and they get really judgmental. / Creative Commons

10. When someone has a bad opinion on Twitter so you write them a really long, multiple-tweet reply. / Creative Commons

11. When you see Ken Livingstone on TV talking about Hitler. / Creative Commons

"Whhhhyyyyyyyyy?" / Creative Commons

12. When you're watching Labour politicians stab each other in the back and you're just like, "fuck it". / Creative Commons

"Fuck it, I'm joining the Lib Dems." / Creative Commons

13. When you run into Ed Miliband and get a selfie cause you really miss him.

14. When you realise that a long-lasting friendship is dead because of arguments about Labour, and you realise that you are the one who killed it. / Creative Commons

15. When you're watching on in horror at the slow strangulation of the welfare state. / Creative Commons

"I don't know what to dooooooooo you guyyyyyyssss just stop itttttttt." / Creative Commons

16. When you're just standing there with your friends watching the Labour party die a painful, humiliating death and it feels like there's nothing you can do. / Creative Commons

17. When you're just waiting for the leadership battle to be over. / Creative Commons

18. And when you think about the future of the party but all you see is chaos. / Creative Commons