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    22 Times Americans Revealed Their Complete Lack Of Chill

    A lack of chill from sea to shining sea.

    1. When this guy was asked a simple question on TV...


    ...and was WAY too honest with his answer.



    2. When this guy saw a problem and decided to fix it the only way he knew how.

    3. When someone made bacon soda an actual thing you can buy.

    4. When this Miss America pageant contestant shared a fun fact from her childhood.

    5. When these billboards introduced a great new national slogan.

    6. When somebody covered bacon in chocolate, and deep-fried butter.

    7. When these two guys fed each other snacks while looking intense at a Trump rally.

    8. When this guy hated an editorial against guns so much that he shot it.

    I shot holes in the NY Times editorial - This is what I think of the New York Times edito...


    9. When Hulk Hogan headbutted a Soviet flag.

    Twitter: @roastfacekilla

    The headbutt is the purest form of political expression.

    10. When you could go on the ultimate outdoor machine gun and ATV adventure, followed by awesome burgers.

    Guys, I found it. The most American thing that's ever happened

    11. When someone made a french fry holder for your car.

    How convenient!

    12. When someone started their day with this. 😞

    13. And someone made this for dinner. 😞😞😞

    Literally heartbreaking.

    14. When presidential candidate Ted Cruz put out this actual video making bacon on a machine gun.

    Independent Journal

    15. When this couple decided to match.

    16. When this guy was really, really devoted to the American Eagle brand.

    17. When this bald eagle gave no fucks about meeting Prince Charles.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    18. When you could get a heart-shaped steak for Valentine's Day.

    19. When CNN looked like a democratic fever dream.

    I can't tell if this is a news channel or a fireworks stand?

    20. When students took a lovely snow day and made it this intense.

    21. When someone put pancake-wrapped sausages on a stick.

    Jimmy Dean

    For when you're on the go!

    22. And when this kid put his troubles in perspective.

    When you flip your moms car but you still ain't worried cause you live in the Greatest country known to man. 🇺🇸

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